Saturday 5 May 2012

Well another month (or 2) has passed by and thing have changed a little .... lets see ... after more than 2 years being banded I have had to have a little unfill because I was so much struggling to keep food down , I had the dreaded night coughs and was PBing almost every meal ... not good -  in fact it was horrible... but it did bring on a 7 KG loss since christmas .... Last year I only lost 1 KG and in the 4 months since Christmas I lost 7 Kg ... says everything about being tight ... however since I had my unfill .. I can now eat for England ... I dont think I have had this much ability for 2 years + .. and I do feel I am unfortunately making the most of it hiss ....  I have a second weight condition at the moment to tell you about ..... last Tuesday I had varicose veins removed from my right leg (they have been very obvious and giving me a little jib since my weight loss) and on Sunday  - tomorrow I will see my surgeon (also my WLS) 5 days after the leg surgery and I will demand a small fill as well ... I do not like this freedom to eat ... It is way to easy ......

Any way as all ways a photo or two from me and this time my new water feature in the garden ... It is my new place to relax and chillax ...... any one for a glass of wine in the garden ?

hope you are all well.....



Saturday 24 March 2012

Sorry Sorry Sorry .. there I have got it over and done with ... I have promised you all both an end of year 1 and end of year 2 post .. and I have not done it ...I'm a SLACKER

I read Blogs .. not as often as say 12 months ago , but I still drop by and read ... I still feel the support - no  "Love" that blogging brings (Don't tell anyone I say I feel the love - they will think I'm soft)  but I just don't feel it myself any more and I think that is a real shame - the support and encouragement from the ladies our there ( I only have Alan as a male following me ) in the early days was very special. I note that so many blogger in the weight loss (surgery - banding community) seem to disappear after 12 to 18 months.

So blogging apart - I'm back into the swing of things and having put a little weight on since Christmas , I have now lost 6 Kg this year  - yeah .....

I have come to realize  - as we all do once we have lost a little weight - it is not the answer to life ... we feel better, we feel happier - but we still have the same problems as before the weight loss as being obese .... life is more than weight loss...

I dont have much else else to add except I'm still here  - struggling - and one night after a couple glasses of RED , I will open my thoughts and sole and tell you about my Journey so far after 26 months - the Good the bad and warts...

So as always - some flattering pictures that make me look good :-)

Ciao  Andrew

Sunday 5 February 2012

2 days off 2 years being banded ..... I need to get back on the wagon.... I need to start blogging again and to become accountable.....

Sunday 11 December 2011

Christmas here we come ....


I am still here in and around Blogland and 3 months between my posts seems about right for me now .... As with most after the first year of being banded there is not that really much to say about the experience .... I am still interested in your blogs I do still read them regularly ...... Honest .....

Over the last 3 months  I have lost around a kilo and more importantly or sadly only 3 kgs in the last year -  I suppose I should be happy its still going down  - right ?

February the 7th is my second year bandiversary and I really need and more importantly want to get my Mojo back - back into the weight loss frame of mind - I still have a good 15 to 20 Kgs to lose.

I have had what seems to be a constant cold (we get them in the desert as well) for the last 6 weeks and this has caused me a few problems with unusual tightness and waking up in the night "slimming"... Yuck - I had a really bad week recently when I was just so tired with the lack of real sleep due to the constant waking up  "drowning" - I even went through a period when I  thought the band had slipped ... Its all good at the moment.

I'm 22 months into this journey and I'm still getting stuck way too often - some days are better than others , I know what I should and shouldn't eat but still try to get stuff down thats wrong even when I know I shouldn't - so no one to blame but me .

Anyway at least the exercise is good, lots and lots of walking -  Im still golfing and I am feeling good in general    :-)

Its also good to see so many of you doing well and the band is still one of the best decisions I have made in recent years.

As always a few photos to finish.........

With an Old friend at the dubai Rugby 7's

Hi jacking two Rugby World Cup Winners - Jason Robinson and George Griegan - England and Australia

My Birthday Brunch

A little sun burnt on the F1 weekend

Wishing you all seasons Greetings 


Tuesday 13 September 2011

Happy Birthday


Sorry but its been some time (why do we always open with an apology?)

I'm just posting a quick note to say I'm still here and reading the progress of each of you from time to time...

It my birthday tomorrow and I feel so content even if I am getting a little too close to 50 than I want... I haven't lost any real weight for around 6 months now but I don't really care at the moment, the weight I have lost has changed my life so much .... I know I will get the mind set back some time in the near future...

Anyway I promise to start making a few comments and getting back into the blogging way


Monday 20 June 2011


Hello One and All

a quick post to prove that I'm still alive and kicking.. not much to report - losing very very slowly...... I know why its slowly... same problem as always... and its not due to my eating... HIC

However as long as its still down -  no matter how slow, its still good , exercise is also good at the moment and I feel great ..... I am not that unhappy at the rate of loss.

I had a fill last month, the first for more than 8 months and it has helped a little ... I am now at the stage where the band will not do the work for me :-(    

Any losses from here in I think will have to be down to me, either exercise or dieting.. I know what is needed I just need to do it (Nike right ?)

Any way as I like to do a few photos to close - this time from my wife's big birthday party we had last month.

I'm a good dancer , just look at those moves......

With the Birthday Girl

With a couple of friends

And finally , it got a little messy - in the pool just before sun rise ........ don't ask about the next day....

Till next time


Friday 6 May 2011

Reporting In

At LAST I seem to have broken the Plateau .... Yahoo ... today is a new low and a pre surgery mile stone ... its all very slow now but since The New Year I have lost 5 Kgs  and another 6 or 7 by the next new year would put me in the serious weight loss range.

I do love the photo blogs and so I'm going to add a few photos from last weekend at a wedding in Beirut I attended with Wifey ....

Dressed up ready for the church

At the Church

Two pictures at the most amazing reception

                                                                              Lunch the following day

Good times .... being smaller is so much better ...............