Friday 31 December 2010

Happy 2011

Wishing you all a happy 2011 .... here's to all our continued journey's....

New 6 month exercise target..,,,. in the last 6 months I managed to burn around 65,000 calories so the coming 6 month I need to up the ante........ I'm setting 75,000 by the end of July ... starting today...

Enjoy New Years Day


Tuesday 28 December 2010

Christmas Photos

Christmas Photo Time

This first photo is actually pre Christmas..... Shopping with Kids......I like it because my legs look skinny in the jeans....

Christmas Day.... Me and My love... Great Photo..........

My eldest looking Cool.

Time out from Christmas Dinner Contemplating Life...........

With the Youngest............

Mens Talk.... I like this photo , the angle is good and I look quite slim.....

Looking Forward to the New Year and a further loss.......


Saturday 25 December 2010


Dear all

A squiffy post.... sparkling wine effected..;-)

Christmas has ben great full of fantastic comments... This time last year was so different... I'm sure you all know what I'm saying......

Pictures to follow....


Friday 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas One and All.......

Monday 20 December 2010


Hello Peeps

first allow me to thank you all for commenting on my post "to deflate or not to deflate".... Such a majority SHOUT out not to remove my restriction..... I do think that I asked the wrong question.... My surgeon (again this week when I had a fill).. want's me to remove my restriction for 1 month a year ONLY...... as this will remove the pressure on my stomach wall and allow the tissue to re-grow and therefore allow me to keep the band safer in the long run without the potential of the stomach wall growing thin and collapsing....any one else heard this ???

On a separate subject... I have achieved my target of BURNING 60,000 calories in exercise in 6 months... 2 weeks early... I feel great.....Whoot whoot.....


This weekend I played golf in the Yas Island invitational golf comp...picture above......I'm the one  in black...and no we did not win :-(

Christmas is coming and I think I can maintain this weight for the difficult week ahead .... WHAT a result...

MERRY CHRISTMAS friends......


Saturday 11 December 2010

To deflate or not to deflate

 Hello one and all...not much to report from the sand pit that is Abu Dhabi...weight loss this month is pretty much the same...bouncing around 30 to 32 Kgs.....I am finding it easy to maintain my weight but difficult to lose it..

The pictures attached are from the Dubai rugby 7's last weekend.... a fantastic sporting event where they host 40,000 (very drunk) rugby fans.... A magical day out and great fun...especially when England win :-)... I have been to the event on 9 out of the 11 years I have been in the UAE.                                      

I have booked a fill for Sunday... I have not had one since July and I do feel it is now required.... I  get stuck quite easily but I can also eat way to much and I am hungry......It has been a difficult decision to choose to get it done now rather than after Christmas........ fingers crossed. it will do the job

Now a question for ONE and ALL... after being banded for a year or more... will you have the band deflated/fluid removed for a short period of time to give your stomach a surgeon is recommending it... but I have not heard of it in BLOG land ... comment/suggestions it needed?

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Yada Yada Yada

Hello Peeps

quick check in......its been nearly a month... nothing to report.. life's good and weight loss/gain is level....

Dubai Rugby 7's this weekend.....Arghhhh more empty calories.....

Slow and steady....right ??


Tuesday 16 November 2010

What a Great Weekend

Hello One and All

well another fantastic weekend... Saturday started with an early game of Golf.. finished at lunch time..picked the kids up and took them to the race...Qualifying ( they where not really interested )..but very impressed with the noise....I can not put the noise of a F1 racing car into words...the noise 

simply reverberates through your body...its very exciting....even for kids (The ice cream was better though).

On the night we went with friends to see LINKIN PARK....not my normal cup of tea...but fun

On Sunday we had the big race........Bubbly at 3 p.m....Final race at 5pm ....and very exciting as well....a result that no one expected and then on to the Arena for 8pm for Prince...and he rocked...he so reminded me of my youth..

Now that's a weekend..... we are also now in Eid and so no work until next Sunday....some times you have to smile and just enjoy life..... The band is good...I'm having so many positive comments about my weight loss and I am only half way to where I need to be....

Tuesday 9 November 2010

An Update - 9 months

Hello All

Today I again have an alignment with many things coming together for me at the same time... Today is weigh day and it is also 9 months since I had the band fitted, I weigh in today 31.5 kgs less than 9 months ago..It is also 70 lbs or 5 Stones loss and this is the first mini goal I set myself when I started the Journey... This weight was set as a goal as it is the last time I remember being Fat but without it really effecting my daily life.... and today I'm happy to say I feel that way again :-)....I feel like a normal fat man now and not the stop and stare at person I was at my highest.

I must say that I have to thank the fact that I have been off work sick for that 3 days with a shit of a virus and cold and it may only be a short stay at this low, but it feels good today.

Now I must tell you a little about two trips away

1st Lebanon... Beruit

We only managed 2 nights and 1 full day in the country but I can say I fell in love with it straight away , it's on the Mediterranean coast built into the mountains, with small shaded narrow streets, the people their are so friendly compared to the average lebanese we encounter in the UAE...... The whole city has a feeling of being in a constant party a little like new years eve, it has fantastic food , great bars some no more than 3m wide all playing cool live mixed tunes - I can not wait to return with my Wife.... the place is a must see if you can - 10/10.

2nd Parma - Italy

Before the trip I only been to Italy twice, first following England in the 1990 Football World Cup and second to see Aston Villa play Milan in the famous San Siro stadium ( please keep reading I know your getting board  - its football)

Any way the business trip was a flight into Milan an then an hours drive by a very stylish driver into Parma , the home of Parma Ham, Parmesan Cheese and Verde.

We had the first night to our selves and the second day with the hosts and on both days we managed to get into the city and walk the streets... and again for the second time in a week I feel in love with the place, small ancient cobble street with bakers, butchers, local wineries, pedestrian only area with cafe/bars people on the street drinking expressos and grappa and  eating gelato... exactly as you would imagine Italian life.. Fantastic....

I need to see more of Italy...

Now back to the UAE , its not to bad here at the moment especially as the temp has dropped as winter has finally arrived.

This weekend we have the FI race , if you have a ticket for the race you also get to see (included in the ticket price) on Friday KAYNE WEST - not for me , on Saturday night LINKIN PARK - might be work a look at and on Sunday - PRINCE- Looking forward to see him..

so there you are up to date with my news

Hope every one is well and losing

Tuesday 19 October 2010

A good week ahead.

Hello Peeps

Sorry if I have not been around a lot and work have been busy...And that is good news...This part of the world ( and I'm sure the rest of the world)  are having such a difficult time that that to be busy is a bonus.

Well ....I..... have a great week ahead, on thursday my good friend and I are going to Beruit (Lebanon) for the weekend...I must say thanks - darling- for allowing me to go.....(she does read these sometimes) .....I have not been before and I am so looking forward to it (I hope there is not a war while I'm there)  it is locally called the PARIS of the EAST.

Now the real bonus is that I have wrangled a trip to Milan in Italy on Tuesday - business, flying out on the A380 double decker for 3 days...Yahoo.....

SO...once again a positive post from me......weight loss is stable ....but I'm good with that at the moment...I'm really, really in no rush to lose....As long as its down or level and I have the ability to enjoy my life, I'm happy...

Hope your all good ( I'm still reading even if not commenting)


Sunday 10 October 2010

29 Kgs and dropping.

Hello All

A quick report on progress and after a month of basically sitting level with only a meager 1.5 Kgs loss despite hours and hours of exercise , this month is already much better , I am down 2 Kgs in 10 days... a new low and 29 kgs in 8.5 months...I feel I am back on track.

My exercise challenge is flying along and so far I have completed 44,000 plus calories since the 1st of July...I am in the gym at least 5 times a week and some times I'm on the bike or cross trainer for 90 mins straight....

I feel great and fit and even though the weight loss is slow I feel better and better each week.

Happy thoughts and feelings to all this is good again


Monday 4 October 2010

The Ryder Cup....Phew

14.5 to 13.5 now thats close....Bring on the Ashes......

Tuesday 28 September 2010

I'm still here...and posting

Thanks for all the positive comments and emails on my thoughts of giving up blogging......I suppose It  would be a shame to stop I won't......I'm just a DRAMA Queen really who needed to be wanted.... lol.

I hope all the BOOBS had a great time..It would seem you did....The photo's look great.

On the boobs weekend it was my daughters birthday and she had a few friends around the villa so I took my son away to Dubai and we had a boys day out, we did tourist things and visited The Burj Khalifa...The Worlds tallest building and structure at 886m high ...nearly a was awesome

We followed that up with a little 10 pin bowling in the Dubai Mall (and he won ).....the Worlds largest mall (do you get the feeling of a trend here?) this mall has a Ice rink and huge Aquarium (Its massive) followed by Sushi at the Shangri la... what a great bonding weekend.

Band wise I'm tight a little and get stuck easily but I'm not losing - I'm on a level at the moment (I must stop enjoying my self) .....It will come I'm sure .

I have my formula 1 racing tickets (F1)  for November and we have today been advised that Kayne West, Linkin Park and Prince are all playing on the F1 weekend as well as Sophie Baxter, Sean Paul and The Beat... Good times ahead......the summer is over and the next 6 months in the UAE are normally Good.


Wednesday 22 September 2010

Hmmmmmmm....good bye..maybe...

Hello Ladies and the token gents......

I have been thinking quite hard over the last couple of weeks and..........
I am thinking of giving up blogging.......

I read all of your stories and achievements....and  I don't really have anything to add....I was really motivated early on in my journey but now..... I read I love what I read But I have lost my Mojo to tell you all What do I do ??????

I"m lost.....what's next......I  do not feel part of the BOOBS for me...

Should this be my last post...Good BYE all


Its been emotional

Monday 13 September 2010


Morning All

Today post is a happy one as all the planets seem to have aligned themselves and all is happening at once..its all about numbers.

Today is my 44th birthday , I believe (hope) I am only half way through my life.

Today is weigh day week 31 and I am sitting around 27.5 Kgs down (61lbs - ish ).

Today (4 weeks late) I have reached my 1st mini Goal of 150 Kgs - originally I wanted this for my return to the Uk - but following the port problems and no fills etc etc......never mind Im happy to be here now.

Today at 27.5 Kgs I'm Half way to my current target Goal.... I think 122.5 Kg will be good place for me to reach. Before starting the Journey only 31 weeks ago my Goal was 145 Kgs...145 Kgs... when above 180 kgs I only wanted to be where I am nearly now..... How thing have moved on......I should be at 145 kgs in a couple of months.

This morning I shot a 50 a golf.

Today I passed half way on my half yearly excersie challenge , I have burned 31,000 calories since the 1st of July.

This afternoon I have lunch at the Shangri la where they will give me a 44% discount on the bill as its my Birthday.

Today is all about numbers.

Today the family presented me with an ipad .....YAHOO.

On the band front , I think I am as close to the Sweet/Green Spot/Zone as can be , I am eating 2 main meals only and a couple of snacks .... I might get a small band tweak at the end of the month, but generally I am very happy to be in this place... In fact I'm looking forward with vigor to year 45 of my life

You all have a nice day now (for our American friends)


Wednesday 1 September 2010


Hello peeps

All good here, I'm very happy at the moment with my restriction .

Typically cheese omelet for breakfast , fruit and protein for lunch and what ever the family are eating for dinner.... snacking needed.

I'm down another 0.5Kg and am now only 1.5 lbs away from 60lbs...WOW.

Now attached are a few photos from my vacation and for Sandy Lee a few older ones also.

The Kids and I in Alton Towers , boy did it rain, we were soaked before we even got on the log flume and the rapids which of course added to our wetness.

The good thing about a long day out on the rides is that it is so tiring..Thank goodness.

 The youngest and I on a canal boat in Birmingham.......did you know that Birmingham has more canals than Venice and the first canal was built in the late 1700's.....I'm full of useless facts like this.

Part of the reason we returned to the UK this year , was to attend my in laws 50th wedding anniversary party and my father was also there - the biggest down side of living in the UAE is that we do not get to see enough of the family and friends :-(

This photo will become my new facebook profile photo and blogger profile wife loves this photo of me

At my Aunties House with the kids.

Now for some older ones

What a photo !!! I still can not believe this was around 16 yrs old...I am soooo skinny.

Now these are from China in 1992...I am the one on the floor loosing at Jenga in the striped shirt.

On the deck of a Barge , again I look so skinny...I thought at the time that I was FAT...only looking back do you realise how normal you are.

A typical night out in China...I'm on the End.

A few others

My Friends wedding In Dubai were I was the best man ....I look like an Ice cream salesman.

My immediate family and I taken a few years ago... I HATE this Photo...I look gross....This was the first time the family had managed to get together and we have not done it again since.

Once again a few years ago at the local PINK BALL for breast cancer.......

I hope you have enjoyed the photos


Monday 30 August 2010

Back to the routine......

Hello one and all.

We are back in the land of sand and boy does it seem hot following a couple weeks in the wet of the UK.
I requested and wished for a little rain and got a lot......but the time we had seeing family and friends was still fun.

Now the good news, despite a little too much partying and not eating completely as I would have hoped ... (Every one we visit wants to feed us bacon, sausage and sausage rolls....not good food choices but tasty - these are things we do not normally eat as a family)...I came back with that old feeling of guilt that normally accompanies me after a vacation , HOWEVER , I never gained a single pound , in fact after my morning (HOT) game of golf ...Walking of course.....I have lost 1 kg whilst away and 1.5 kg in the month...I would have been content with not gaining in August so HAPPY DAYS.

I might post some pictures later


Thursday 12 August 2010


I'm out of here.... England and the cool calls me.... I hope it rains a little.

Will check back in on my return.


Tuesday 10 August 2010


There is a purported gender envy in life (I am supposed to be lucky as I have one ).....but forget all of that -  I Envy all and evey one going to BOOBS :-(

Need I say more.

Sunday 8 August 2010

6 months out

I do not have much to report except that today is my sixth month anniversary and all is well.

I will be happy and have set myself a target of 20 kgs in the next 6 months , fingers crossed.


Tuesday 3 August 2010

Week 25- Not much to report

Today is week 25 - 1 week away from my 6 month band anniversary.

I have lost a little-  maybe 0.5 Kgs from last week... I now have the fill that I wanted and I know what the weight loss problem is.. I know why the loss is SOOOO slow...Its because of the empty liquid calories I keep taking in - specifically (booze).

I have reviewed my life style , my aims and my hopes and ....wait for it......I'm still very happy...

In six months I have continued to lose weight...despite the fact that I have not really tried ( except the exercise...My Mojo is back) I still have a great social and life style and still I'm losing.

I have 10 days left on my own (family in the UK) and this includes a heavy weekend in Dubai with the boys... OUCH and then 10 days in the UK which will also be quite challenging... I WILL be happy to be this weight at the end of August.

25 Kgs in 6 months is not bad...Not great but a good start..... Keep smiling - thats what gets us through...

I hope to see and catch up with Roo next week ( now she has really rocked the band in 12 months) before I go back to the UK......

My port is healing well thanks ....... and tomorrow is.....GOLF...

All is good

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Back on the road

All went well today at the Hospital and getting the port flipped back into position.

I was at the Hospital as required at 12 Noon ,wheeled into the theatre at 2.30, wheeled back in to the room all done at 3.30 and released out of the Hospital and back on the road to Abu Dhabi at 5.30.

No complications reported, it was only a local anesthetic , a little pain and the smell of burning and we are all done , I also managed to get a 0.5ml fill in to the bargain...Fingers crossed this will bring back some more serious weight loss.

Today is week 24 and weigh day...I played golf this morning ( I do try very hard to play golf on weigh day mornings - before jumping on the scales :-) ) and was happy to see that I have lost my 3 kgs of water I had gained from my vacation and I am back to my previous weight.

My exercise is over for this month , the doc has instructed me to give it a rest for a week - the month went very well with 20 sessions and nearly 18,000 calories burnt.

I feel a little happier now - bring on the green spot.


Sunday 25 July 2010

Port rectification

Its been nearly a couple of weeks since I posted last.

I have just received a call from my Surgeon and he has managed to fit me in for the day after tomorrow to turn the port (Tuesday) , I will then also get the fill I need.

I am in a real difficult place at the moment , I do have restriction and get stuck real easily if I'm not careful..BUT.. I am hungry a lot more than before and I can eat quite large meals.

I have only had 3 fills in nearly 6 months and the last one was on the 11th of May...10 weeks ago. I so need this fill..

On the weight loss , I have gained a couple of Kgs since my mini vacation , I didn't think I had eaten all that much while away but what I did eat was not always the best  choices, also we did "cocktail" most maybe its the liquid calories that have done it.

The family went back to the UK on Friday morning to escape the summer heat and I only have 3 weeks until I return for 10 days - with them away and the hopefully the fill on Tuesday - I need a good couple of weeks to get me back into the swing of loosing.. I have also lost my interest in exercise as was the first time back for a week ....I feel like I have lost my Mojo at the moment :-(

Wednesday 14 July 2010

Week 22 and a loss at last.

A quick post - so much to do before I'm off for a few days with the family..Atlantis here we come - Can't wait.

Today is week 22 , and I have lost 2 kgs - about time.... I'm now down 24 Kgs or 53 lbs - 3 more lbs to the big 4 stone - Slowly but surely - imagine if I had got my fill when I wanted it 10 weeks ago !

NSV - I tried my wedding suit on this week.. It has not been worn since my wedding 10 yrs ago and it fit me - Shame it so OUT OF FASHION I can't wear it... Grrrrrr.

BMI - I am officially Obese - My BMI is now under 40.....This is not something that actually means anything to me because in my humble opinion the BMI is a crock of shit.

Exercise - GOOD - This month so far 13 sessions and 11,000 calories burnt -  I do wish I listened sometimes to advise (Sandy did say watch the knees) and after playing 3 games of squash in 5 days my knee blew up like a balloon and is still a little swollen - A case of too much to soon, that or I am simply not as young as I was (No it can't be that ).

So all in all - I feel a little better now the scales have finally moved.

49 degrees today..So hot.. Hope the pool is chilled tomorrow ;-)


Sunday 11 July 2010

Bring on the Ashes.

Football World Cup is over for another 4 years........What a let down for England.

Bring on the Ashes in Australia......

Friday 9 July 2010

The Good and the not so Good.

Today is my 5 month bandiversary.

This week I have once again lost Nil weight - The Scales hate me.

The week has been good for the exercise again, since last week and setting myself the 6 month challenge , I have managed to get to the gym 6 out of seven days and also played two games of squash - hope to play again tonight... I have burned nearly 7,000 calories - and still no scale movement.

I must be due a big loss soon.

I do still have restriction and can get easily stuck if I'm not careful , but I can eat considerably more than a cup of food - roll on the end of the month to get the port fixed and to get me a fill.

I only have two weeks before the family head for the Uk for the summer to get out of the heat, and next week I have booked 5 nights local leave , which includes 2 nights in the Dubai Atlantis - I am so looking forward to that.

Have a good weekend one and all

Monday 5 July 2010


OMG squash was great...I got my ass kicked but I so loved it.....We are playing again Wednesday

I have not played for soooo many years bit I think within 1 month I can be back.....I can win.

Problem is the wine and beer we drunk afterwards but the second game we played pi££ed...I won that one....

Exercise is getting a little addictive..I hope Im not getting anal :-)

I love my band ....I HAVE MY LIFE BACK...Yeah for all the bands....what every they are called.

The latest picture of me..........Im on the left