Tuesday 28 September 2010

I'm still here...and posting

Thanks for all the positive comments and emails on my thoughts of giving up blogging......I suppose It  would be a shame to stop now......so I won't......I'm just a DRAMA Queen really who needed to be wanted.... lol.

I hope all the BOOBS had a great time..It would seem you did....The photo's look great.

On the boobs weekend it was my daughters birthday and she had a few friends around the villa so I took my son away to Dubai and we had a boys day out, we did tourist things and visited The Burj Khalifa...The Worlds tallest building and structure at 886m high ...nearly a Km.....it was awesome

We followed that up with a little 10 pin bowling in the Dubai Mall (and he won ).....the Worlds largest mall (do you get the feeling of a trend here?) this mall has a Ice rink and huge Aquarium (Its massive) followed by Sushi at the Shangri la... what a great bonding weekend.

Band wise I'm tight a little and get stuck easily but I'm not losing - I'm on a level at the moment (I must stop enjoying my self) .....It will come I'm sure .

I have my formula 1 racing tickets (F1)  for November and we have today been advised that Kayne West, Linkin Park and Prince are all playing on the F1 weekend as well as Sophie Baxter, Sean Paul and The Beat... Good times ahead......the summer is over and the next 6 months in the UAE are normally Good.


Wednesday 22 September 2010

Hmmmmmmm....good bye..maybe...

Hello Ladies and the token gents......

I have been thinking quite hard over the last couple of weeks and..........
I am thinking of giving up blogging.......

I read all of your stories and achievements....and  I don't really have anything to add....I was really motivated early on in my journey but now..... I read I love what I read But I have lost my Mojo to tell you all What do I do ??????

I"m lost.....what's next......I  do not feel part of the banditos...no BOOBS for me...

Should this be my last post...Good BYE all


Its been emotional

Monday 13 September 2010


Morning All

Today post is a happy one as all the planets seem to have aligned themselves and all is happening at once..its all about numbers.

Today is my 44th birthday , I believe (hope) I am only half way through my life.

Today is weigh day week 31 and I am sitting around 27.5 Kgs down (61lbs - ish ).

Today (4 weeks late) I have reached my 1st mini Goal of 150 Kgs - originally I wanted this for my return to the Uk - but following the port problems and no fills etc etc......never mind Im happy to be here now.

Today at 27.5 Kgs I'm Half way to my current target Goal.... I think 122.5 Kg will be good place for me to reach. Before starting the Journey only 31 weeks ago my Goal was 145 Kgs...145 Kgs... when above 180 kgs I only wanted to be where I am nearly now..... How thing have moved on......I should be at 145 kgs in a couple of months.

This morning I shot a 50 a golf.

Today I passed half way on my half yearly excersie challenge , I have burned 31,000 calories since the 1st of July.

This afternoon I have lunch at the Shangri la where they will give me a 44% discount on the bill as its my Birthday.

Today is all about numbers.

Today the family presented me with an ipad .....YAHOO.

On the band front , I think I am as close to the Sweet/Green Spot/Zone as can be , I am eating 2 main meals only and a couple of snacks .... I might get a small band tweak at the end of the month, but generally I am very happy to be in this place... In fact I'm looking forward with vigor to year 45 of my life

You all have a nice day now (for our American friends)


Wednesday 1 September 2010


Hello peeps

All good here, I'm very happy at the moment with my restriction .

Typically cheese omelet for breakfast , fruit and protein for lunch and what ever the family are eating for dinner.... FANTASTIC.....no snacking needed.

I'm down another 0.5Kg and am now only 1.5 lbs away from 60lbs...WOW.

Now attached are a few photos from my vacation and for Sandy Lee a few older ones also.

The Kids and I in Alton Towers , boy did it rain, we were soaked before we even got on the log flume and the rapids which of course added to our wetness.

The good thing about a long day out on the rides is that it is so tiring..Thank goodness.

 The youngest and I on a canal boat in Birmingham.......did you know that Birmingham has more canals than Venice and the first canal was built in the late 1700's.....I'm full of useless facts like this.

Part of the reason we returned to the UK this year , was to attend my in laws 50th wedding anniversary party and my father was also there - the biggest down side of living in the UAE is that we do not get to see enough of the family and friends :-(

This photo will become my new facebook profile photo and blogger profile photo....my wife loves this photo of me

At my Aunties House with the kids.

Now for some older ones

What a photo !!! I still can not believe this was me...at around 16 yrs old...I am soooo skinny.

Now these are from China in 1992...I am the one on the floor loosing at Jenga in the striped shirt.

On the deck of a Barge , again I look so skinny...I thought at the time that I was FAT...only looking back do you realise how normal you are.

A typical night out in China...I'm on the End.

A few others

My Friends wedding In Dubai were I was the best man ....I look like an Ice cream salesman.

My immediate family and I taken a few years ago... I HATE this Photo...I look gross....This was the first time the family had managed to get together and we have not done it again since.

Once again a few years ago at the local PINK BALL for breast cancer.......

I hope you have enjoyed the photos