Tuesday, 16 November 2010

What a Great Weekend

Hello One and All

well another fantastic weekend... Saturday started with an early game of Golf.. finished at lunch time..picked the kids up and took them to the race...Qualifying ( they where not really interested )..but very impressed with the noise....I can not put the noise of a F1 racing car into words...the noise 

simply reverberates through your body...its very exciting....even for kids (The ice cream was better though).

On the night we went with friends to see LINKIN PARK....not my normal cup of tea...but fun

On Sunday we had the big race........Bubbly at 3 p.m....Final race at 5pm ....and very exciting as well....a result that no one expected and then on to the Arena for 8pm for Prince...and he rocked...he so reminded me of my youth..

Now that's a weekend..... we are also now in Eid and so no work until next Sunday....some times you have to smile and just enjoy life..... The band is good...I'm having so many positive comments about my weight loss and I am only half way to where I need to be....

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

An Update - 9 months

Hello All

Today I again have an alignment with many things coming together for me at the same time... Today is weigh day and it is also 9 months since I had the band fitted, I weigh in today 31.5 kgs less than 9 months ago..It is also 70 lbs or 5 Stones loss and this is the first mini goal I set myself when I started the Journey... This weight was set as a goal as it is the last time I remember being Fat but without it really effecting my daily life.... and today I'm happy to say I feel that way again :-)....I feel like a normal fat man now and not the stop and stare at person I was at my highest.

I must say that I have to thank the fact that I have been off work sick for that 3 days with a shit of a virus and cold and it may only be a short stay at this low, but it feels good today.

Now I must tell you a little about two trips away

1st Lebanon... Beruit

We only managed 2 nights and 1 full day in the country but I can say I fell in love with it straight away , it's on the Mediterranean coast built into the mountains, with small shaded narrow streets, the people their are so friendly compared to the average lebanese we encounter in the UAE...... The whole city has a feeling of being in a constant party a little like new years eve, it has fantastic food , great bars some no more than 3m wide all playing cool live mixed tunes - I can not wait to return with my Wife.... the place is a must see if you can - 10/10.

2nd Parma - Italy

Before the trip I only been to Italy twice, first following England in the 1990 Football World Cup and second to see Aston Villa play Milan in the famous San Siro stadium ( please keep reading I know your getting board  - its football)

Any way the business trip was a flight into Milan an then an hours drive by a very stylish driver into Parma , the home of Parma Ham, Parmesan Cheese and Verde.

We had the first night to our selves and the second day with the hosts and on both days we managed to get into the city and walk the streets... and again for the second time in a week I feel in love with the place, small ancient cobble street with bakers, butchers, local wineries, pedestrian only area with cafe/bars people on the street drinking expressos and grappa and  eating gelato... exactly as you would imagine Italian life.. Fantastic....

I need to see more of Italy...

Now back to the UAE , its not to bad here at the moment especially as the temp has dropped as winter has finally arrived.

This weekend we have the FI race , if you have a ticket for the race you also get to see (included in the ticket price) on Friday KAYNE WEST - not for me , on Saturday night LINKIN PARK - might be work a look at and on Sunday - PRINCE- Looking forward to see him..

so there you are up to date with my news

Hope every one is well and losing