Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Back on the road

All went well today at the Hospital and getting the port flipped back into position.

I was at the Hospital as required at 12 Noon ,wheeled into the theatre at 2.30, wheeled back in to the room all done at 3.30 and released out of the Hospital and back on the road to Abu Dhabi at 5.30.

No complications reported, it was only a local anesthetic , a little pain and the smell of burning and we are all done , I also managed to get a 0.5ml fill in to the bargain...Fingers crossed this will bring back some more serious weight loss.

Today is week 24 and weigh day...I played golf this morning ( I do try very hard to play golf on weigh day mornings - before jumping on the scales :-) ) and was happy to see that I have lost my 3 kgs of water I had gained from my vacation and I am back to my previous weight.

My exercise is over for this month , the doc has instructed me to give it a rest for a week - the month went very well with 20 sessions and nearly 18,000 calories burnt.

I feel a little happier now - bring on the green spot.


Sunday, 25 July 2010

Port rectification

Its been nearly a couple of weeks since I posted last.

I have just received a call from my Surgeon and he has managed to fit me in for the day after tomorrow to turn the port (Tuesday) , I will then also get the fill I need.

I am in a real difficult place at the moment , I do have restriction and get stuck real easily if I'm not careful..BUT.. I am hungry a lot more than before and I can eat quite large meals.

I have only had 3 fills in nearly 6 months and the last one was on the 11th of May...10 weeks ago. I so need this fill..

On the weight loss , I have gained a couple of Kgs since my mini vacation , I didn't think I had eaten all that much while away but what I did eat was not always the best  choices, also we did "cocktail" most evenings...so maybe its the liquid calories that have done it.

The family went back to the UK on Friday morning to escape the summer heat and I only have 3 weeks until I return for 10 days - with them away and the hopefully the fill on Tuesday - I need a good couple of weeks to get me back into the swing of loosing.. I have also lost my interest in exercise as well...today was the first time back for a week ....I feel like I have lost my Mojo at the moment :-(

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Week 22 and a loss at last.

A quick post - so much to do before I'm off for a few days with the family..Atlantis here we come - Can't wait.

Today is week 22 , and I have lost 2 kgs - about time.... I'm now down 24 Kgs or 53 lbs - 3 more lbs to the big 4 stone - Slowly but surely - imagine if I had got my fill when I wanted it 10 weeks ago !

NSV - I tried my wedding suit on this week.. It has not been worn since my wedding 10 yrs ago and it fit me - Shame it so OUT OF FASHION I can't wear it... Grrrrrr.

BMI - I am officially Obese - My BMI is now under 40.....This is not something that actually means anything to me because in my humble opinion the BMI is a crock of shit.

Exercise - GOOD - This month so far 13 sessions and 11,000 calories burnt -  I do wish I listened sometimes to advise (Sandy did say watch the knees) and after playing 3 games of squash in 5 days my knee blew up like a balloon and is still a little swollen - A case of too much to soon, that or I am simply not as young as I was (No it can't be that ).

So all in all - I feel a little better now the scales have finally moved.

49 degrees today..So hot.. Hope the pool is chilled tomorrow ;-)


Sunday, 11 July 2010

Bring on the Ashes.

Football World Cup is over for another 4 years........What a let down for England.

Bring on the Ashes in Australia......

Friday, 9 July 2010

The Good and the not so Good.

Today is my 5 month bandiversary.

This week I have once again lost Nil weight - The Scales hate me.

The week has been good for the exercise again, since last week and setting myself the 6 month challenge , I have managed to get to the gym 6 out of seven days and also played two games of squash - hope to play again tonight... I have burned nearly 7,000 calories - and still no scale movement.

I must be due a big loss soon.

I do still have restriction and can get easily stuck if I'm not careful , but I can eat considerably more than a cup of food - roll on the end of the month to get the port fixed and to get me a fill.

I only have two weeks before the family head for the Uk for the summer to get out of the heat, and next week I have booked 5 nights local leave , which includes 2 nights in the Dubai Atlantis - I am so looking forward to that.

Have a good weekend one and all

Monday, 5 July 2010


OMG squash was great...I got my ass kicked but I so loved it.....We are playing again Wednesday

I have not played for soooo many years bit I think within 1 month I can be back.....I can win.

Problem is the wine and beer we drunk afterwards but the second game we played pi££ed...I won that one....

Exercise is getting a little addictive..I hope Im not getting anal :-)

I love my band ....I HAVE MY LIFE BACK...Yeah for all the bands....what every they are called.

The latest picture of me..........Im on the left


No fill again :-(

This afternoon I was in with my doctor and we had another go at getting me a fill, similarly to last month, after many many tries we kept hitting steel and bending needles, Sooooo after an xray it is confirmed that the port has flipped 180 degrees and is completely up side down       :-(

I will now have to go back for minor surgery to have it rectified. The Doctor is away next week and I have a few days off when he returns before the family escape the heat back to the Uk , so I will have to wait until the end of the month/early next month to get it rectified ( that will be nearly 3 months without the fill that I need). The other horrifying thing is he is quoting around 10K to 12K Dhs or $2,500 - $3,000.....Ouch that hurts already - However I will need to get it done....

On a plus side , on his scale I lost 4 kgs in the month and he is happy with the progress and thinks I am doing ok.

Tonight I am going to play squash for the first time since I can't remember..fingers crossed it doesn't kill me.

Happy belated 4th of July to our American friends


Saturday, 3 July 2010

Goals for the second half of 2010.

I have decided to set some goals for the second half of 2010, and I am going to try and make them non scales related.

I want to exercise on average at least 15 days a month - that's 90 times in the next 6 months and I would like to blow 60,000 calories doing it - 10,000 per month average.

I have started this challenge today with a nice 1,075 burn on the cross trainer.

This must get the weight moving.