Monday, 30 August 2010

Back to the routine......

Hello one and all.

We are back in the land of sand and boy does it seem hot following a couple weeks in the wet of the UK.
I requested and wished for a little rain and got a lot......but the time we had seeing family and friends was still fun.

Now the good news, despite a little too much partying and not eating completely as I would have hoped ... (Every one we visit wants to feed us bacon, sausage and sausage rolls....not good food choices but tasty - these are things we do not normally eat as a family)...I came back with that old feeling of guilt that normally accompanies me after a vacation , HOWEVER , I never gained a single pound , in fact after my morning (HOT) game of golf ...Walking of course.....I have lost 1 kg whilst away and 1.5 kg in the month...I would have been content with not gaining in August so HAPPY DAYS.

I might post some pictures later


Thursday, 12 August 2010


I'm out of here.... England and the cool calls me.... I hope it rains a little.

Will check back in on my return.


Tuesday, 10 August 2010


There is a purported gender envy in life (I am supposed to be lucky as I have one ).....but forget all of that -  I Envy all and evey one going to BOOBS :-(

Need I say more.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

6 months out

I do not have much to report except that today is my sixth month anniversary and all is well.

I will be happy and have set myself a target of 20 kgs in the next 6 months , fingers crossed.


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Week 25- Not much to report

Today is week 25 - 1 week away from my 6 month band anniversary.

I have lost a little-  maybe 0.5 Kgs from last week... I now have the fill that I wanted and I know what the weight loss problem is.. I know why the loss is SOOOO slow...Its because of the empty liquid calories I keep taking in - specifically (booze).

I have reviewed my life style , my aims and my hopes and ....wait for it......I'm still very happy...

In six months I have continued to lose weight...despite the fact that I have not really tried ( except the exercise...My Mojo is back) I still have a great social and life style and still I'm losing.

I have 10 days left on my own (family in the UK) and this includes a heavy weekend in Dubai with the boys... OUCH and then 10 days in the UK which will also be quite challenging... I WILL be happy to be this weight at the end of August.

25 Kgs in 6 months is not bad...Not great but a good start..... Keep smiling - thats what gets us through...

I hope to see and catch up with Roo next week ( now she has really rocked the band in 12 months) before I go back to the UK......

My port is healing well thanks ....... and tomorrow is.....GOLF...

All is good