Sunday, 13 March 2011

Checking In .....

Dear all still not got around to the 1 year Blog.. I will get around to it honest.... Generally I  do not have too much to say any more...

So I think I will let the photos say how I am feeling about life at the moment

Look carefully Its MAGIC ......

What's so Funny ?

The Clan

Enjoying the day

A great Friday brunch out ...things are really so much better after losing only some of the excess weight.. If only I had done it earlier

Keep losing



  1. I seem to be in an identical place to you - dragging my heels but still grateful that "Phase One" is behind me because I feel so much better...
    Still trying to figure out your magic...

  2. Looking great Andrew. So happy you are loving life at the moment. :)

  3. You look great Andrew...thanks for the pics!

  4. You are looking super great!

  5. No one said there is a time limit on losing weight. And I see you are still gradually losing so take it and still live. You are looking good and the smiles say it all. OK, the wine looks good too ;-)

  6. You look very slim! It is good to hear from you!