Saturday, 30 January 2010

Saturday Peace, Relaxation and Contemplation.

Saturday morning and the house is all peaceful and quite , the kids are out on play dates , what a real luxury.

I am sitting here in front of the TV watching a Daniel Craig movie Defiance contemplating the weeks and month ahead , I had my last big lunch and night out with the boys on Thursday (that is the beginning of the weekend in the UAE ) and I have told them that I will be on the "wagon" for a month starting the 1st of February, this is partially true, although I have not , yet , told them the reason why. At what stage do you tell friends what you have done ? This is an issue that I'm having to give real thought to at the moment.

The second issue I have this morning is that after reading all the blogs and various information on the web regarding the rules for banding , my Doctor has stated that " no need for all that, simply choose and eat wisely ", he advises that some foods you need water to help digest the food when you eat it , I have be advised that I will have 2 weeks on fluids and then straight onto solids no 'mushies' are needed ?? I follow my Doctors advice ? or stringently stick to the rules as recorded and that seem to be so successful for most of the bloggers.. I will need to think this one out carefully as well.

I think I will go and cut the lawn....


  1. Well Andrew, for me, I was just concerned about healing. I look at the incisions on the outside, and I know there are things going on on the inside, and I wanted them to heal. I live in fear of the band shifting, or band erosion, or what have you, so it made sense to me to do liquids for a week or so, and then mushies for a week or so...and now I'm on regular food, a little over 2 weeks post op. Fingernail sized pieces, chewed 20 or more times each, no more than a cup of food at any time. And everything seems to be going well. Everything I've tried has gone down fine, including chicken. My first fill isn't until the 9th, so right now it's a lot of willpower, but I stepped on the scale this morning, and things are going well! Let your body tell you what to do. You will know better than anyone what you can handle.

    Pre-op, it all seems so much to worry about I know, but once you're on the other side and experiencing it, it's not nearly as stressful as you thought it would be! Happy thoughts!

    Take care!

  2. Hi Gilly

    thanks for the comment , at a little over 2 weeks post op you must have had 1 week liquid and 1 week mushies ? am I correct , this is in line with my Doc..... Congratulations on the early weight loss , looking forward to see what it is on the weigh day on Wednesday....

  3. Hi Andrew, Thanks for following my blog. I wish well with this journey. My DH is recovering nicely 4 days post op & not very hungry - yet!

  4. Hello Dawn,

    thanks for the note and putting me on your follow list , having read so many blogs recently , this forum looks like the best way to obtain information and support , especially for people like myself who are in countries that do not have a set system for post op support that is available in the places like the US and Australia.

    Looking forward to losing with you and your man in 2010.