Monday, 18 January 2010

Well Blog number two.....

I have taken a step closer to the BIG DAY by confirming my Ultra sound on Wednesday and final consultation early next week...Feb 9 here I come.... I can say that I feel happy , excited , nervous and scared all at the same time.....

I am busily trying to fit so many things in before everything changes , I have a couple of lunches out , including 1 at ZUMA's which I can't wait for , and a game of corporate golf at the new Gary Player Saadiyat Beach resort in Abu Dhabi...

What will life be after banding? can I really comprehend the changes, I think I can , but can I ?

I so much enjoy socializing....


  1. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for your comment over on my blog and yes I did see your comment from an earlier post, however, I have only just caught up on all my comments (got a bit behind). My doc is Dr Farouq, who is now at the Dubai Mall Medical Clinic. Where are you having your op and who is your doc? I see that you are having a meal at Zuma (I love that place)...are you in Dubai much? If so, if you would like to meet for a coffee, please let me know. I am eager to meet up with other bandits in the UAE (another reason I have been begging the doc to start up a support group!)

  2. Hi Roo

    I'm Living in Abu Dhabi but work most of the time in Dubai , I'm looking at the procedure with Dr Barsha , also based in the Dubai Mall Medical Centre ( what an amazing place ), with the operation in the international Modern Hospital?
    I'm busy this week , but would like to get a coffee next week if possible , I have a lot of questions to ask.....

    Can I contact you next week to finalize


  3. That sounds great. You can email me at or call on 0501569441.