Monday, 20 December 2010


Hello Peeps

first allow me to thank you all for commenting on my post "to deflate or not to deflate".... Such a majority SHOUT out not to remove my restriction..... I do think that I asked the wrong question.... My surgeon (again this week when I had a fill).. want's me to remove my restriction for 1 month a year ONLY...... as this will remove the pressure on my stomach wall and allow the tissue to re-grow and therefore allow me to keep the band safer in the long run without the potential of the stomach wall growing thin and collapsing....any one else heard this ???

On a separate subject... I have achieved my target of BURNING 60,000 calories in exercise in 6 months... 2 weeks early... I feel great.....Whoot whoot.....


This weekend I played golf in the Yas Island invitational golf comp...picture above......I'm the one  in black...and no we did not win :-(

Christmas is coming and I think I can maintain this weight for the difficult week ahead .... WHAT a result...

MERRY CHRISTMAS friends......



  1. Maintaining is my goal over Christmas as well. I haven't heard of a regular, temporary deflation - I'd be worried I'd get so used to (over)eating again my head hunger would get out of control even when I was back in the green zone.

  2. I must admit, reviewing all the comments made me smile, because it did look as though we were all shouting at you as if you were about to jump off a bridge or something. Why not Google the query?

    I think the overall principle is sound: If one has an addiction, whatever it's type, taking a break from controlling it unpicks some of the road travelled - both physically in terms of weight, and mentally in terms of the greatest sustained mental effort we've ever undergone as slimmers.

    Good luck with whatever you decide - we'll back you anyway (and we'll be dying to know how you're getting on if you unfill!)


  3. I just have never heard of that. As hard as it is to get your restriction to a proper level, I just don't think I'd be willing to do that. You look so slim in the golf pic!

  4. Good luck with the deflation if you end up doing it...I just don't think that I could do it personally...Happy Christmas!

  5. I am in no way medically qualified but it sounds reasonable when you describe it like that. Not sure that I could do it but good luck.
    You look great in the photo!

  6. Never heard of it Andrew but Lord knows, all of our surgeons have so many different views so why not? Yay for you hitting your exercise goal!