Saturday, 11 December 2010

To deflate or not to deflate

 Hello one and all...not much to report from the sand pit that is Abu Dhabi...weight loss this month is pretty much the same...bouncing around 30 to 32 Kgs.....I am finding it easy to maintain my weight but difficult to lose it..

The pictures attached are from the Dubai rugby 7's last weekend.... a fantastic sporting event where they host 40,000 (very drunk) rugby fans.... A magical day out and great fun...especially when England win :-)... I have been to the event on 9 out of the 11 years I have been in the UAE.                                      

I have booked a fill for Sunday... I have not had one since July and I do feel it is now required.... I  get stuck quite easily but I can also eat way to much and I am hungry......It has been a difficult decision to choose to get it done now rather than after Christmas........ fingers crossed. it will do the job

Now a question for ONE and ALL... after being banded for a year or more... will you have the band deflated/fluid removed for a short period of time to give your stomach a surgeon is recommending it... but I have not heard of it in BLOG land ... comment/suggestions it needed?


  1. Careful with that Andrew - if you give your stomach a rest you're also giving your brain a rest. 'I'll be OK', you say, and yet your next visit to the supermarket will have you buying the crusty bread, the steak and other stuff you haven't been able to eat for such a long time. 'Won't hurt', you think, 'won't be for long'... Yet your brain gets used once again to the foods your previously couldn't eat, and it's one more factor that'll make it harder to continue losing. That's my take on it anyway. If you get stuck now, by the way, a further fill could make it worse. The band (as I'm sadly finding out) is not that good at answering the order "Stop me eating!!"
    Please let us know how you're getting on. (And thanks a look for glancing at my blog from time to time)

  2. ...sorry, meant to say "Thanks a lot"...!

  3. Caroline, I keep looking at your blog because the pictures are so good :-)

  4. I haven't heard about that at all. Hope some others post or ask their surgeon. I just assumed it would stay inflated unless we had some problems. Your face is looking really thin. Hope the fill does its job. My weight didn't move until I had my last fill a month ago. I'm waiting until January to see if I need any more. Funny but I don't get stuck since I got the fill. Go figure-I was having a terrible time. Let us know if you get any feedback about giving the stomach a rest.

  5. I have never heard of that - I think most of us live in fear of having the fluid taken out. Can't wait to see what others say. Good luck with the fill- it will help.

  6. I haven't heard of that either...can't wait to hear the other responses. That fill on Sunday will do the trick :)

  7. HI Andrew,
    I'm not at goal yet but don't think I would be rushing in to have fluid out. Just too scared of gaining weight, and if you are at a good level for maintaining I just don't see the point. My surgeon has never mentioned this technique to me. I might ask him next time about it.
    Hope your next fill can kick start your loss again :)
    BTW: glad you decided not to leave us.

  8. I haven't heard of it either and don't think I would. I'd fall back into bad habit. This band is for my life.

    You're looking great there Andrew. We're both at the same stage month-wise and both fairly "stuck", maybe it's the timing.

  9. Andrew, you look so skinny in your picture!

  10. I've never heard of that and it wasn't recommended by my surgeon in the UK.
    Great picture!

  11. Andrew--I've never heard of taking the fluid out to give it a rest---unless there was an issue! Weird!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog today---I might try to squeeze in a small fill. After all that's why we got the band---right?

  12. Andrew - thanks for your generous comment! I do so love photography...
    I'm commenting here again because Bunny at Weightloss Expedition ( is struggling with health AND lapband issues, and I commented to her that you were thinking of having an unfill, and why I thought it might not be a wise move - and she replied to me by e-mail with this:
    "I don't know Andrew the blogger in Abu Dhabi, but can you YELL AT HIM for me NOT to have an unfill as it was really not a good idea. I put all my weight back on and more as you know, and now I am heavier than original surgery!!" So that's it, I've done my job.
    How nice to see all the support you're getting on this issue - hope you'll tell us how you're getting on.

  13. Hi Andrew - I am new to your blog and the YELLER from above (thanks caroline) and I would advise against unfilling.
    I had 7.5 in my band, would get stuck easily but still be able to (cheat) and eat too much food at times. If I had been given good advice I would have been told to do the Pouch test and go back to Not drinking with meals, eating in 20 minutes or throw it away, avoid slider foods (for me, curry, chinese, doritos and saucey things - prawn cocktail/coleslaw and other delights) and lay of the booze - although I guess thats not a problem where you are right?

    I had 4.5mls out and the very same day ate 1 loaf of bread. One whole loaf, toasted, slathered in butter and sliced tomatoes. This is my favorite. I also ate 3 full meals and drank wine and had chocolates.

    I was able to eat bread like it was going out of fashion, all meats, all pasta, all salads and vegetables and it was like sweet relief.

    That was in March or april. I was 16 stone 7. By July I was nearly 4 stone heavier.

    I am now filled again - 6mls - and have lost a little bit but the taste of those foods after years (nearly 4)of going without are still sitting in my mind.

    I also dont feel like it made the slightest bit of difference - except on the pocket of my fill provider who has earned a nice £400 from me since then.

    I cant wear any of my clothes and had to buy £200 worth of new ones as I ebayed all my fat clothes.

    I feel disgusting, appalled and would adivse ANYTHING rather than do it.

    You dont sound like you are having really terrible problems, so maybe just go back and think about the things you ate at the start of your journey

    I appologise because you dont realise how much I am telling you is contrary to what I am managing to do right now as I am a complete mess band wise, but hopefully I might save someone else the hassle.

    I wish I could take my own advice! LOL

    Look forward to reading about your journey and nice to meet you.

  14. Grrr just spend ages typing stuff to you and then it told me it was too big.

    In short, I am the Bunny from above and say


    I am nearly 4 stone heavier than i was in the summer!!!!!! I could cry!

    I was unfilled in april and I could insantly eat anything and everything and that very day ate a whole, yes a WHOLE, loaf of bread - toasted, slathered with butter and tomatoes (mmmmmm) and also 3 good meals!!!
    I continued in that vein for just 2 months and then had to buy a new wardrobe as I had previously ebayed all my fat clothes. It was terrible!

    read my blog from april - I was 16 and a half stone and by june I was 18. I am now over 19 stone.

    Its grim and i dont feel different now its been refilled either, so it was a pointless waste of time. the only oen to benefit was my fill provider, and the clothes shop.

    please do try pouch test and revisiting your old habits and see if drinking while eating and eating slider foods are the killers rather than the fill.

  15. Now i got that out, I just want to say I look forward to reading up all about you as I have never come across your blog before! Exciting stuff!

    I hope the advice above helps give you some idea. If you have any questions, feel free to message me!


  16. Andrew, I'm late on this response, you look great! I've never heard of taking the fluid out after you are at goal. I've lost tons of weight in my life but have never been able to maintain, that is why I got the band, if someone wants to take my fluid out, unless of course I'm sick or have problems, they would have to fight me first!