Friday, 21 January 2011

Famous Sportsmen

I have been enjoying special treatment as a guest of the sponsor of this years Abu Dhabi Golf Championship ........

This is Gavin Hastings.. A Scottish Rugby Player

TIGER Tim Henman...The Ex British Number 1 Tennis player

Just before the Golf started.....

The first Golfer.... Graham McDowell...Worlds number 9 and Ryder Cup Winning point scorer....

The Boy Wonder Rory McRoy......

Ross Fisher.... English and Ryder Cup Player.. about 15 in the world....

And Finally....ITS Phil Michelson....The American ... And world Number 3....

What a great day out and so many people at the event from last year passing comment on my loss.....


  1. Wow, what an event!

    And you are looking amazing!

  2. Totally! Major difference from your before pics.

  3. I think you need some smaller clothes to show off your smaller bod. One year post-op is getting so close. I'm one day after you! Keep on going.

  4. Get you! You're looking really good, shame about all those dodgy old sportsman cramping your style!

  5. (I like Alison's remark!)
    Wow, pics for the mantelpiece or what... I'm impressed. Trying to imagine myself in your situation, I'd have such an attack of shyness being photographed with celebrities...

  6. Impressive :o) Looks like a great day!!