Sunday, 16 January 2011

Nearly a year in......

Hello All.......

I am posting today because I have just noticed that I am approaching a year into my Journey...I was banded what seems like an eon ago on the 9th of February 2010...I also know that a lot of other bandito's were banded around this time as well as me .... and  I must say finally 1 year in, I think I have  realized what it is all about... I have down loaded a calorie tracker app on my Iphone... and it has made me understand where the real high calories and weight loss killers are and by monitoring my intake daily and therefore being a little more careful I have managed to lose 2 kgs in the last week..... Whoop Whoop  .....    " IT'S EASY"....

Any way in preparation for my 1 year in post... I am now posting FATTY pictures... my before's ..... so that I can post the much better and more handsome looking current piccies in FEB.... on the bandiversary date....... I have also realized that all thought I have lost 35 Kgs since the surgery.... which is a very nice and respectable 5.5 stone (77 lbs).... I have actually lost a whooping 45 Kgs (99 lbs lets say 100lbs) from my highest weight.....

Enough said ....... onto the horrible pictures .... Any Star Trek Fans in the House??? 

How many chins can you count ?????

Thailand... That's my littlest on the Horse Elephant

A dhow cruise

Beam me up Scottie........ 

My 40th Birthday Party... I know, I know I don't look old enough.........

The better pictures are to follow...Honest



  1. Happy "almost" one year! I look forward to seeing the progress photos.

  2. So far, you are doing a fantastic job. Can't wait to see the after pictures!

  3. looking forward to those after pics.

  4. Love that Star Trek one. Wow, I'm getting near the 1 year mark too (Feb 10th). What a year--good stuff for all.

  5. It has been a very good year :o) Can't wait to see your after shot!!

  6. You have come a long way Big Daddy! I am so happy we all ganged up on you when you were thinking of stopping your blogging! You have been a great inspiration to me Andrew and I can't wait for your Bandiversary pics!

  7. I'm a Feb surgery too. You have done so great! Excited to see the recent photos.

  8. I've just this minute written my one year 'bandiversary' post and posted the dreaded comparison photos. What a difference a year has made for so many of us! And what great differences they are. Here's to our onward and downward journey!