Monday, 20 June 2011


Hello One and All

a quick post to prove that I'm still alive and kicking.. not much to report - losing very very slowly...... I know why its slowly... same problem as always... and its not due to my eating... HIC

However as long as its still down -  no matter how slow, its still good , exercise is also good at the moment and I feel great ..... I am not that unhappy at the rate of loss.

I had a fill last month, the first for more than 8 months and it has helped a little ... I am now at the stage where the band will not do the work for me :-(    

Any losses from here in I think will have to be down to me, either exercise or dieting.. I know what is needed I just need to do it (Nike right ?)

Any way as I like to do a few photos to close - this time from my wife's big birthday party we had last month.

I'm a good dancer , just look at those moves......

With the Birthday Girl

With a couple of friends

And finally , it got a little messy - in the pool just before sun rise ........ don't ask about the next day....

Till next time



  1. You look great! So glad to hear from you, I thought you'd dropped off the planet!

  2. I can see in your face that there's been a good bit lost since last time - if there's any 'hic' going on, it's settling somewhere else, because the weightloss is showing on your face...
    And you're enjoying yourself, which is good. Love your wife's dress - absolutely gorgeous.

  3. You do look great Andrew and I've missed you! Thanks for popping in! My band isn't doing the work anymore either as I've had it removed and revised to VSG! Long story!!

    Glad you are doing well...don't be such a stranger!

  4. You look great........maybe not losing weight but losing inches!!

  5. Lookin' good, Big Daddy! Use what you've learned and you won't need to band to do any additional 'work'! We all know its just a 'tool' -- one that stays with us for life but still just a tool!