Saturday, 24 March 2012

Sorry Sorry Sorry .. there I have got it over and done with ... I have promised you all both an end of year 1 and end of year 2 post .. and I have not done it ...I'm a SLACKER

I read Blogs .. not as often as say 12 months ago , but I still drop by and read ... I still feel the support - no  "Love" that blogging brings (Don't tell anyone I say I feel the love - they will think I'm soft)  but I just don't feel it myself any more and I think that is a real shame - the support and encouragement from the ladies our there ( I only have Alan as a male following me ) in the early days was very special. I note that so many blogger in the weight loss (surgery - banding community) seem to disappear after 12 to 18 months.

So blogging apart - I'm back into the swing of things and having put a little weight on since Christmas , I have now lost 6 Kg this year  - yeah .....

I have come to realize  - as we all do once we have lost a little weight - it is not the answer to life ... we feel better, we feel happier - but we still have the same problems as before the weight loss as being obese .... life is more than weight loss...

I dont have much else else to add except I'm still here  - struggling - and one night after a couple glasses of RED , I will open my thoughts and sole and tell you about my Journey so far after 26 months - the Good the bad and warts...

So as always - some flattering pictures that make me look good :-)

Ciao  Andrew


  1. Love the pic's...your daughter looks like her daddy!

    Waiting....with glass in hand....for the big reveal!

  2. Sending out some love--the blogging kind. That's all--the rest comes from your wife and family :-)

    And yup, that's what I figured out too--life is much more than weightloss but it's still nice to hear how everyone is doing.

    1. Thanks for the SHOUT out ...I hope I can keep the energy to keep blogging - because it stil feels great to get a COMMENT on a blog...

  3. Andrew, don't feel you have to apologise for not blogging, it's like catching up with a friend after a long time: nice to hear what you're doing, it goes without saying that the radio silence is because there were better things to do.

    I long since got fed up with thinking and writing about the band and food issues, as you know from my blog I only write about them occasionally, preferring to share pictures and tell stories. As does Sandy now, see above.

    We're still the same people, just wanting to explore other areas of our lives. As you rightly say, losing weight doesn't eliminate the other problems or issues you have in your life, they're still waiting for you. It's just nice to be part of this great community of bloggers, whatever the reason we blog. I think of it as English speakers waving at each other across the ocean!!

    What a handsome family you all are.

  4. Good to hear from you. Great pics! :)

  5. Glad to see you each time you make an appearance. You look great!