Saturday, 5 May 2012

Well another month (or 2) has passed by and thing have changed a little .... lets see ... after more than 2 years being banded I have had to have a little unfill because I was so much struggling to keep food down , I had the dreaded night coughs and was PBing almost every meal ... not good -  in fact it was horrible... but it did bring on a 7 KG loss since christmas .... Last year I only lost 1 KG and in the 4 months since Christmas I lost 7 Kg ... says everything about being tight ... however since I had my unfill .. I can now eat for England ... I dont think I have had this much ability for 2 years + .. and I do feel I am unfortunately making the most of it hiss ....  I have a second weight condition at the moment to tell you about ..... last Tuesday I had varicose veins removed from my right leg (they have been very obvious and giving me a little jib since my weight loss) and on Sunday  - tomorrow I will see my surgeon (also my WLS) 5 days after the leg surgery and I will demand a small fill as well ... I do not like this freedom to eat ... It is way to easy ......

Any way as all ways a photo or two from me and this time my new water feature in the garden ... It is my new place to relax and chillax ...... any one for a glass of wine in the garden ?

hope you are all well.....




  1. Love the water feature....and a glass of wine would make it perfect!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  2. It's good you had some fluid out when you were struggling, but I'm sure it's tempting to eat a lot more. I had veins done last year with the laser type procedure, but not stripped. The worst part was wearing the support hose. Good luck!

  3. I'm having a glass right now. Love the water feature. Hope you get a good re-fill. I'm slowly getting back to a good fill level. But at least you got some weight loss from being too tight.

  4. I know what you mean - too tight be sick, too loose eat for England. So hard to get it exactly right. Let us know how much fill you had? It would help me too, I'm in the same situation.

  5. Are you in maintenance now or still losing? :)