Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Week 25- Not much to report

Today is week 25 - 1 week away from my 6 month band anniversary.

I have lost a little-  maybe 0.5 Kgs from last week... I now have the fill that I wanted and I know what the weight loss problem is.. I know why the loss is SOOOO slow...Its because of the empty liquid calories I keep taking in - specifically (booze).

I have reviewed my life style , my aims and my hopes and ....wait for it......I'm still very happy...

In six months I have continued to lose weight...despite the fact that I have not really tried ( except the exercise...My Mojo is back) I still have a great social and life style and still I'm losing.

I have 10 days left on my own (family in the UK) and this includes a heavy weekend in Dubai with the boys... OUCH and then 10 days in the UK which will also be quite challenging... I WILL be happy to be this weight at the end of August.

25 Kgs in 6 months is not bad...Not great but a good start..... Keep smiling - thats what gets us through...

I hope to see and catch up with Roo next week ( now she has really rocked the band in 12 months) before I go back to the UK......

My port is healing well thanks ....... and tomorrow is.....GOLF...

All is good


  1. 25kg in 6 months is great! Glad you're healing, have a fun,fun Summer. Say Hi to Roo for me. xx

  2. I read this morning that you guys won't be able to use Blackberries any longer. Is there much of an uproar about it over there?

    I think you're doing FANTASTIC despite all those liquid calories. Since that isn't something you want to give up, your attitude is very healthy & realistic! Just keep at it. My six month Bandiversary is next week too!

  3. You've done really well. Liquid calories are my favorites too! Slow and steady wins the race, right?

  4. I think you are doing fantastic. Just imagine if you had NOT lost 25 kg in the last 6 months. And what is life without beer (or wine)? Have a great time golfing (in this heat are you really crazy!).

  5. Hope golf went well today....it's pretty hot out....looking forward to seeing you on Sunday....

  6. At least you have realised what might be slowing you down.

    Now you just need to decide if you want to limit the liquid calories to increase your weight loss or if you want to keep the liquids and stick to the slow (but steady) rate of loss.

    Decisions, decisions... :)