Monday, 30 August 2010

Back to the routine......

Hello one and all.

We are back in the land of sand and boy does it seem hot following a couple weeks in the wet of the UK.
I requested and wished for a little rain and got a lot......but the time we had seeing family and friends was still fun.

Now the good news, despite a little too much partying and not eating completely as I would have hoped ... (Every one we visit wants to feed us bacon, sausage and sausage rolls....not good food choices but tasty - these are things we do not normally eat as a family)...I came back with that old feeling of guilt that normally accompanies me after a vacation , HOWEVER , I never gained a single pound , in fact after my morning (HOT) game of golf ...Walking of course.....I have lost 1 kg whilst away and 1.5 kg in the month...I would have been content with not gaining in August so HAPPY DAYS.

I might post some pictures later



  1. Welcome back to the Sandpit! And good on you for losing while away (even after all the piggy (as in pork) goodness).....xx

  2. Great news Andrew!!! Welcome back.

  3. Weight loss on vacation is what superstars do. Congratulations!

  4. That's amazing, glad that you enjoyed the rain!

  5. Welcome back and congrats on the weightloss on vacation - that's what we all aspire to achieve:)