Monday, 13 September 2010


Morning All

Today post is a happy one as all the planets seem to have aligned themselves and all is happening at once..its all about numbers.

Today is my 44th birthday , I believe (hope) I am only half way through my life.

Today is weigh day week 31 and I am sitting around 27.5 Kgs down (61lbs - ish ).

Today (4 weeks late) I have reached my 1st mini Goal of 150 Kgs - originally I wanted this for my return to the Uk - but following the port problems and no fills etc etc......never mind Im happy to be here now.

Today at 27.5 Kgs I'm Half way to my current target Goal.... I think 122.5 Kg will be good place for me to reach. Before starting the Journey only 31 weeks ago my Goal was 145 Kgs...145 Kgs... when above 180 kgs I only wanted to be where I am nearly now..... How thing have moved on......I should be at 145 kgs in a couple of months.

This morning I shot a 50 a golf.

Today I passed half way on my half yearly excersie challenge , I have burned 31,000 calories since the 1st of July.

This afternoon I have lunch at the Shangri la where they will give me a 44% discount on the bill as its my Birthday.

Today is all about numbers.

Today the family presented me with an ipad .....YAHOO.

On the band front , I think I am as close to the Sweet/Green Spot/Zone as can be , I am eating 2 main meals only and a couple of snacks .... I might get a small band tweak at the end of the month, but generally I am very happy to be in this place... In fact I'm looking forward with vigor to year 45 of my life

You all have a nice day now (for our American friends)



  1. You're doing so well. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Andrew.
    You are doing fantastic, and congrats on the great round of golf. Wish I could crack the 60 :(

  3. Happy birthday! Sounds like the numbers are falling your way (sorry, cheesy, I know!). Have a great day.

  4. Well Happy Birthday Andrew! All good news!

  5. Happy Birthday Andrew! 45 is a great year! I am so happy to share this adventure with you!

  6. Happy Birthday! (Really, a 50? AWESOME.)

  7. Happy Birthday and congrats on all the numbers!

  8. Belated happy birthday Andrew! So glad your planets are all aligned... I'll pay you for the secret, as long as "exercise" doesn't figure toooo prominently in the answer.

  9. Happy late birthday!! I'm so glad you are in the zone (with golf & fill). I'm so jealous of the ipad.