Tuesday, 11 May 2010

3 month and Fill number 3

Today I am happy having had my fill number 3,after being weighed the doctor was quite pleased with my loss and did suggest that a minimum 0.1 mm was probably all that I needed, I however managed to convince him that 0.5 was a little more fitting...so 0.5 mm it was eventually.

I actually went to the clinic with a friend of mine who is considering being banded and I wanted to introduce him to my surgeon and show him how the fill is administered.

Well after building the surgeon up and how I had been filled twice within 5 mins, I was stabbed, poked and prodded more than a few times, until he suggested that the port had turned....OH NO...He then went to town on trying to turn it back from the surface of my stomach (Ouch), he did finally manage to get the needle home - in at an angle...He also said we would need to monitor it in the future and it might need to be fixed through surgery later...Fingers crossed I won't need it.

So now I'm on liquids till tomorrow and then...LETS get losing again...

Now I don't normally produce very long blogs, but tonight I will make a little exception..I have just passed the 3 month mark since being "done" (I know its hard to believe its 3 months already) and would like to put my thoughts down of the journey so far for anybody thinking or waiting to be banded.....

Positive Points....

1. Losing 18 Kgs ....of course....

2. Removing the pain from my knees..This is the biggest success for me so far, in fact I can honestly say I would have paid the operation fee to remove these aches and pains alone, and from about week 6 ALL the pain has gone....YAHOO

3. Exercise ,initially it was hard work to get myself back to the Gym , but now , I relish the time there and the effort I am able to put into the physical exertion, it is exhilarating...

4. Wearing smaller clothes that have been tucked away in the wardrobe for SO SO many years...So long infact that some of them have been out of fashion and are back in again :-)

5. Actually feeling health and full of so much energy, tasks and chores that I would have put off before are now approached with vigor.

Negative points

1. After losing 18 Kgs - not many people seem to notice :-(

2. I still have days when I feel a little nauseous for no apparent reason.

3. I am struggling between head hunger and real hunger ,lunch time is lunch time and at lunch time we eat - right? I still eat sometimes even if i'm not really hungry...This is something I need to work on.

4. I am not following the rules ,and I think this will slow my loss down as I get smaller....I MUST DRINK MORE WATER..

5. I have still not reached the green/sweet spot.

6. I have become obsessive with the scales and weigh myself AT LEAST 3 times a day.

7. Even after 18 KG (3 stone) loss in 3 months...I have my doubts, I doubt that I will get where I want to get....I still have doubts I can be successful...I need to move downwards this month to remove this doubt...

8. Not being able to eat as much food when out for dinner with friends....This is really difficult for me, my social life in the UAE normally resolves around having a good dinner out, and when out I really want to eat more....I'm working on it - it is getting better - I can and will eat what ever I want when out (nothing is no go yet) only not a lot of it..

So that is MY journey so far ,and although 3 months have passed so quickly and operation day seems like a lifetime away already ,I know I have so far only taken a few steps on the total trip...

Here's to the next 3 months and hopefully another 10 Kgs



  1. Andrew, Thanks so much for sharing your progress! You are doing so well! Since my last fill, I feel as though I'm in a new world of being banded. Believe me, when you get to the right level of restriction, it really does change the game.

  2. OMG, I forgot yesterday was my 3rd month bandiversary. I was a bit too busy F'ing everyone in sight. Here's to our continuing success for the next 3.

  3. Andrew you are doing great!!! Thanks for sharing your journey with us - how about some progress pics??

  4. I was feeling a little sorry for you until I looked up how much a stone is and realized that you've lost 42 lbs in 3 months. Holy crap! You're doing great. Hang in there. You'll get to the sweet spot soon. And the fact that you are enjoying exercise is even more proof that you will be successful.

  5. Good for you!
    I'm with you on feeling better every day about all the little things we are able to do.
    I do need to say --you are a scale whore---3x's a day??
    A little scary about the port deal--hope that works out!