Sunday, 9 May 2010

No weight loss...Boo Hoo

Hello everybody

It seems like an age since I last posted , Well things have been a little busy...I have not had enough time recently....I have however been reading everyone else's posts..

Not to much to report,I have not lost anything since the end of the month,9 days now ...I was so happy before and I feel a little deflated now.... I actually cancelled my fill last week I was so happy with the weight loss, and today I rebooked for this coming Tuesday afternoon, lets hope I can get back on track..

On a positive point, my exercise levels are still up with at least 4 sessions in the gym a week and I feel good and I suppose what is more important..I HAVE NOT GAINED any weight :-)

Not much else to say



  1. No gain is a victory! I hope the fill helps you out this week.

  2. Don't get discouraged. You'll start losing again.

  3. Must be all that muscle you're building! Well done.

  4. Hey Andrew!!
    your doing so great!! 4 times at the gym!! im guessing you wouldnt have done that before!! just think about all the good that is doing for your health, body and mind....ohh get me i sound very zen dont i! lol...
    but keep up the good work...(and thanks for the nice comment you left me the other day hun....i've taken your advice and made my husband snap away pictures of me...even tho i dont really want them i know i'll appreciate them in a few months time! so thank you!) kelly x