Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Summer is here and its HOT HOT HOT.

Weigh day week 17 - and today I am a total of 20.6 Kgs down...Yippee - even after my heavy weekend I have managed to get rid of a further 0.4 kgs this week ..... To get the scales to show this pleasing weight this morning I did it my favorite way   -  Playing golf -  and I attach a picture taken this morning at 7.45 am on the 9th hole , this clearly shows how mad I am - It was soooo hot and very very humid to day (If you look closely you can see that only the ends of my shirt sleeves are dry ).

I will also be using this picture as my 1/3 rd weight loss progress .

On to something new , I have decided to add something different to my Blog , I think my blogs are quite boring ...weigh day---20kgs loss .....Blah blah blah

So each week I am going to try and add some facts or observations that perhaps you did not know about the United Arab Emirates.

So UAE Facts number 1.

The temperature in the summer in the UAE can reach above 50C and can be accompanied with Humidity of 80 - 90%. (see picture above for the results of this)
If the temp reaches above 50C all work outside has to stop.
In the summer it is mandatory for all workers that work outside to take a break between the hours of 12.30 and 3.30 p.m.
Visiting the UAE between Early June to Mid September is not recommended.

The winter is nice though ;-)



  1. I guess because you are a man, you can stand just about any temperature to play golf! My husband does the same thing. Last year it was 118 degrees in Phoenix and he played 36 holes of golf!!!! Congrats on the weight loss. Info about UAE is very interesting, thank you!

  2. The idea of it makes me feel quite faint! You look great, you can see from your t-shirt how much weight you have lost.

  3. It does show your dedication to the game and your weight loss efforts.

    Have fun!!!!

  4. You're doing great It does seem that we are on a similar path as you noted on my blog - doesn't it feel great? BTW - I think I finally met someone who loves the game of golf as much as my DH!!! In answer to your question, he has lost an amazing 80 pounds so far. Keep up the awesome work :)

  5. You are melting! Literally. :) Great job Andrew!!!!

  6. You are much better than I getting out in the heat to do a sport! Good for you! I can't believe how hot it is getting already....I fried today just being outside for 10 minutes! and you beat me to it with the UAE tidbits...I was going to start a weekly info session! LOL...I'll just now add my 2 cents worth tagged on to yours!... congrats on getting over that 20kgs!

  7. Does the sisterhood not have any form-fitting golf clothes for this svelte gentleman??

  8. I love the UAE information. I know very little about that area. Except now I know it gets really f-ing hot! I can't believe that anyone would be out in heat like that, let alone playing golf. I hope you spend the rest of the day re-hydrating.

  9. Look how much weight you have lost - your clothes are so loose!!!

    Ewww... don't think I could live in the UAE - the heat is bad enough but I think the humidity would kill me !!!

  10. You can do your own version the Wicked Witch of the West yelling "I'm Melting"!

    Can I say, you look HOT?

  11. I love your blog but welcome the facts...and man that is hot....and you look drenched and it is so green. weird. Congrats on the loss