Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Zipperdy Du Dah, Zipperdy Day, My Oh My What a Wonderful Day.

Following on from yesterdays post....I have to announce that today I was up at 5 am to play golf at 6.

At 6 am today it was 31C...and very very tropical...I played 9 holes of golf before work, walking - of course.....got home and BANG - this morning I am 20.3 KGs down...GET IN THERE.......

As our Aussie friends say, especially Cara...I'm stokked....

You all have a good now..


  1. Woot - woot! That's awesome (the weight loss not the temperature - that sux!)

  2. Sat here in 14c "heat" your 31 makes me feel quite faint!
    Well done on your loss!

  3. Way to go...you rock. How can it be so hot so early?????

  4. You beauty mate!

    There'll be no stopping you now.

  5. lol And stoked you should be - you just kicked ass!! Go you!

  6. I sure hope you are getting lots of fluids in. You are litterally melting away!