Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Week 18 - No loss

Well Week 18 weigh in and this week I have no change in the scales.... This is not so bad considering that I have been "watching" the football on a couple of evenings ...hic hic

The last few days I have now gone back to my early morning golf as well as evening Gym sessions...let's hope this week sees some movement...I do feel that had I have had my fill last week we would have a loss this week......never mind

The band is a very fickle now, I do have restriction and some times all most all food feels tight when being eaten and on these days I  could eat almost nothing , the next day I am hungry and can eat large meals, you would not even now the band was there... there is no apparent logic to how the band will work from day to day.

So now onto UAE Tidbit number 2...

Today I'm going to tell you a little about driving in the UAE.

The UAE has one of the worst rates for road accidents in the world , it is very rare that you get a day when you do not see or hear of a major accident ...Last year the main road between Abu Dhabi and Dubai (Sheikh Zayed Road) was blocked for 10 hours with an accident involving 100 + vehicles in the fog.
The first day of the rains this year there were 2000 accidents registered in a 24 hour period.

The Sheikh Zayed Road regularly sees cars (normally 4x4's) racing at 200 km-s/hour and was recently the focus of a U Tube posting that showed cars driving on two wheels and "dough nutting" in and out of the live traffic.

 Many of the accident are caused by driver without licenses and can be aged as young as 10 or 11. Many of the cars here have fully blacked out windows so that the occupant is not seen.

Drink driving is not allowed in the UAE and they have a Zero tolerance, if caught with any alcohol in your blood (Any) then it is a mandatory minimum 1 Month in prison , if you are a muslim this can be followed by a whipping.


  1. Shame about no weight loss but at least you didn't gain, I should think that you needed to drink lots on Saturday night!

    Paul (my husband) tells a story about being hit 3 separate times by the same driver on the same journey during his time in Bahrain.

  2. Loss or not - you're doing a great job!

    The driving you wrote about sounds very scary - wow!

  3. Wow...driving there sounds freaky...is there a fine if you get caught driving unlicensed??? Sorry about the no weight loss...I am right there with you.....lets hope we get some movement soon. My word verifcation was ofillu...is that a sign???

  4. I'd have a fit driving there, but then are women allowed to drive?

  5. I had a look on You Tube and found what you wrote about - it's terrifying.