Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Back on the road

All went well today at the Hospital and getting the port flipped back into position.

I was at the Hospital as required at 12 Noon ,wheeled into the theatre at 2.30, wheeled back in to the room all done at 3.30 and released out of the Hospital and back on the road to Abu Dhabi at 5.30.

No complications reported, it was only a local anesthetic , a little pain and the smell of burning and we are all done , I also managed to get a 0.5ml fill in to the bargain...Fingers crossed this will bring back some more serious weight loss.

Today is week 24 and weigh day...I played golf this morning ( I do try very hard to play golf on weigh day mornings - before jumping on the scales :-) ) and was happy to see that I have lost my 3 kgs of water I had gained from my vacation and I am back to my previous weight.

My exercise is over for this month , the doc has instructed me to give it a rest for a week - the month went very well with 20 sessions and nearly 18,000 calories burnt.

I feel a little happier now - bring on the green spot.



  1. Glad to hear it all went so well. Did they happen to say why your port flipped over? A little fill was a bonus!!

    Take good care of yourself!

  2. Glad to hear it went well!

  3. That's good news Andrew, so glad it went well.

  4. Glad it went well. I hope you heal fast and that you get some restriction back!

  5. under local? That doesn't sound like fun!!

  6. I'm still recovering from the idea of lieing there smelling the burning smell. Yuck! I'm glad it went well and you are recovering. Here's to restriction!

  7. So glad it went well. Here's to some good restriction.

  8. Cheers to the port being the right way and you being able to get your fill.

  9. You...what? Did your port move? Get dislodged? I am pretty sure that my port site got detached from my abs and it's floating around. (pics are on my blog...) I think I need to ask my doc to re-attach it. So they didn't even put you under for the surgery though? Really??? Did it hurt? Inquiring minds need to know....