Thursday, 11 February 2010

Day 3 Post Op.....

Its now Friday Morning day 3 post op.

It is also the beginning of the weekend here in the UAE , and I think we ( the family ) are off to the beach , the temp around this time of year is a fine 24 to 26 degrees and I think I really need to get out the Villa today and try and get back to a semi normal routine.

Yesterday I spent the full day in front of the computer and tele feeling very very full , since Monday evening I have only eaten 1 bowl of soup and drank 1 protein shake along with lots and lots of water and this morning I am still full....I weighed myself this morning ( I couldn't wait ) and have lost 5 Kgs , generally all water I'm sure , however this is actually the lowest I have been for 2 years.

Is it normal to feel so full like this without a fill.

There is still quite a lot of gas , how long does this normally last.???

There is a small discomfort around the incisions but nothing too bad and I have had no problem sleeping with this so far.

My Doctor called me yesterday afternoon , to check how I was doing and also advised that they are starting a support group on Monday evening...I'm looking forward to that...

I hope to be back to work on Sunday..fingers crossed..



  1. Congratulations on your band. I'm still waiting to get mine. I hope all goes well and that you continue to feel okay. I'm looking forward to reading about your success!
    "Band me Baby!"

  2. Congrats from me too. Have to admit I'm a little jealous. Like Tessi, I'm also waiting on my band. So, unfortunately, I can't answer your questions from experience. It seems in general from what I've read the gas pains lessen significantly after the 3rd day. As far as feeling full, that seems to vary. However, it doesn't seem like you've had enough to eat. I remember reading that quite a few people had to force themselves to get some protein shakes down. Did you happen to ask your doc about it when he called?

  3. Bonnie , thanks for the comments , I can feel the swelling going down already and althought I had only 1 bowl of soup and a fruit juice til dinner time , I managed a second bowl of soup , and I feel quite hungry now just before I go to bed...I will of course resist and wait for breakfast...

    The gas pains have nearly disappeared throughout today...thank goodness..