Monday, 22 February 2010

Two Down...Already....

Two weeks down and how the time fly's , liquids are over....Hurrah.....bring on the mushies...1 week then back to normal.

I have weighed myself tonight early rather than tomorrow morning following a game of floodlit golf which I won for a change (I claim it as exercise) and can now record a 10 KG loss since the Op...If I can now achieve 1 KG a week for the next 50 weeks I will be at target exactly on 1 year.....It's possible yes??

Now after throwing 10 KG in such a short time , I feel great within myself and within my clothes already, however I do not think anybody else except my wife has even noticed I have lost weight , and with the weight loss being 15% of my excess weight to lose , it really hits home just how big and heavy I am and how much weight there is to shift.... Hmmmm

The Hunger is beginning to return and I feel hungry much quicker than the I have in the last couple of weeks , but the good news is that I still seem to get full after not to much food , which is great.

The next 10 days are going to be hard.....I have a sponsored golf competition on Thursday which includes drinks and dinner , My football team play in a cup final on Sunday ( Aston Villa play Manchester United) which is a big deal for us Villa fans...and the following Thursday I'm playing in a charity golf comp which again includes drinks and dinner...The golf matches are played between 1 and 5 pm in the sun and it is almost impossible not to drink cold , refreshing beer at this time...and it the beer that worries me , not the dinner... as Homer Simpson would say...


What to do...


  1. Lol - on the Beer! You are doing an awesome job with your weight loss. It's amazing how fast the weeks go by & on to the next stage. Sounds like you're a serious golfer? DH plays for fun - but plays A LOT. He can't wait for the snow to melt here so he can get back out there.

  2. That's awesome on the weightloss!

    As for the beer..I say don't worry about it. Have one and call it done. Just be mindful of the whole moderation thing...

  3. I'm not a drinker - but I think we all have something we love that doesn't necessarily love us back (or perhaps loves us too much and sticks around!).

    I agree with the above - enjoy but work out your limit before you go :-)

    You're doing great!

  4. Well done Andrew! Wow 10 kg... It's tempting to rub your hands together at this stage and say "right, that's a kilo a week for 50 weeks..." - but don't feel put off if you can't meet that target, because it's quite strict and you may not always feel as motivated. It'll all come off, you're clearly the sort of person who gets to where he wants to go. Just be patient... I'm sure beer once in a while won't sabotage it though, and if it means that much to you, I reckon you'll need to allow yourself to have it every so often.
    Fantastic progress!