Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Other Side.....

First let me thank you for the messages of good luck I received yesterday, they were really well received as I was reading them off the BB whilst I was being prepared for Surgery.

The day went well with no apparent complications, a little uncomfortable last night and I felt as if I had been battered by Ricky Hatton, however much much better today , and I am now home relaxing and looking forward to a bowl of soup ( this will be the first food in 48 hours ..It's no wonder you lose weight).

2 weeks of liquid , 1 week of mushes...I can't wait...NOT...

I have decided not to set a ticker tape with a final goal , I will take this journey step by step and slowly , I am going back the UK in August (6 months) and hope to have lost between 20 to 25 Kg in this time.

Lets see..



  1. So glad to hear all went well! Take it slow...I found that having my husband whack my back really helped with the gas pains, so if your wife is willing, give that a try. Oh, and congratulations!

  2. Thanks Gilly , the Gas pains are quite something else....

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  4. Hi Andrew!

    Sorry for the deleted comment. I made some mistakes that I wanted to correct before I could send it to you!

    I just found your blog through BB's blog, "My Journey Into A New World".

    I see that you were banded yesterday. Welcome to our world!!

    I am your 10th Follower and I look forward to Following you, and giving you any support you need!

    I see that you are living in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is always fascinating to me to read about what life is like in a Foreign environment, especially the Middle East.

    Anyhoo, hope your recovery goes well.


  5. Hi Andrew,

    Sorry for the multiple comments in one day! But I just read your blog from start to finish, and I noticed that you said your Doc is allowing you to eat almost anything from the get go. But you were afraid to try it, since most everyone else is given a strict diet to follow.

    My Doc wanted me to follow a more conservative diet like the rest. But I was actually eating REAL FOOD by the day after Surgery!

    He wasn't too happy when I told him this, but since I didn't have any problems like getting stuck or PB'g, he said that he sets those rules because most patients can't control themselves and eat smaller portions, taking smaller bites, eating slowly so it doesn't stick, etc.

    So, in essence, I was eating a normal diet from the start. My weight loss has stagnated at the moment, but I am ever hopeful that I will reach Restriction soon!! LOL

  6. So glad all went well for you. Welcome to Bandland!