Saturday, 13 February 2010

Sunday - Back to Work....

Its Sunday morning 5 days since the Op , and I'm due back to work today...If the Fog lifts..I shall say that a again... when the FOG lifts.. Although I live in Abu Dhabi (UAE - Middle East) which is renowned for it high temperatures , we surprisingly quite often suffer from very dense fog in the early mornings , such as today , the visibility at 7 this morning is less than 50 M.

It doesn't normally last long and I will just have to wait till the sun burns it off before I get away.

I work for a large Dubai based Construction Company (1 of a few that still has work in Dubai) and the Journey from Abu Dhabi is an hour and a quarter ( as long as we do not have a major accident to content with - which we regularly do - The driving standard on the roads say the least.....Awful).

Within myself I feel better and better each day (as I should) and last night I actually felt a little hungry , this was however easily extinguished with a nice cup of tea :-). I think I have had no more than 500 calories each day for the last 5 days..

I will be taking a flask of soup and a protein shake for lunch and drinks Hmmm.....Can't wait for lunch...

A quick look out the window and the fog is lifting ..hi ho.. hi ho.. It's off to work I go..

Ciao for now



  1. Hi Andrew,
    Good luck on your first day back at work....
    so freaky that I was just about to comment and you rang me...looking forward to meeting with you tomorrow night..

  2. Good Luck for your first day back at work. you seem to have recovered very quickly which is all good news.

  3. Glad it's going so well, I'm sure the weight is dropping off!

  4. wow...I can't believe you're already back at work! amazing!

  5. I hope the first day back was a good one. I am curious how it went! I hope the soup and protein shake are holding you over well!