Monday, 8 February 2010

The night before the rest of my life

Well its finally here , tomorrow is D -Day and I am beginning to feel a little unsure , is this really what I want to be doing? I hope it will be the making of a smaller , happier me , which will then make a better and more active father and husband , sooooo It must be the right decision...Right?

11 am tomorrow is the Op , I will have the whole day alone , before the Wife collects me the next day, my one concern is that I have not really had a successful pre op diet ( not very successful at all ) will this make a difference...too late now...

I have been having a little trouble with my knees recently , especially when I have even a little exercise , I played golf on Saturday (a pre opening for the Saadiyat beach golf what a place) and have really struggled with both knees since , I normally take an anti inflammatory pill at this point , but do not want to take anything until after the Op....The one thing I hope will happen quickly is that the knee pains will disappear and I can get straight back into real exercise....

Well here's to a good nights sleep and next chapter in my life.


  1. Best of luck tomorrow, Andrew! See you on the other side! :)

  2. Good luck to you Andrew - I had the same doubts and now that I am a week & a half out I am positive I made the right decision. Let us know how you are when you feel up to blogging!

  3. One more thing, DH is a golfer too & he can't wait to swing that club again soon. He is doing really well and has lost over 20 lbs already - he was banded on 1/27 along with me.

  4. Andrew, It's great to have another male here in bandster blogger land. I certainly hope that by the time you read this, everything has gone smoothly. Peace be the journey, my friend.

  5. Good luck for today Andrew...(you go under in 1 hour :)) See you on the other side and hopefully we can meet for a liquid/mushie lunch when you are back at work!