Sunday, 25 July 2010

Port rectification

Its been nearly a couple of weeks since I posted last.

I have just received a call from my Surgeon and he has managed to fit me in for the day after tomorrow to turn the port (Tuesday) , I will then also get the fill I need.

I am in a real difficult place at the moment , I do have restriction and get stuck real easily if I'm not careful..BUT.. I am hungry a lot more than before and I can eat quite large meals.

I have only had 3 fills in nearly 6 months and the last one was on the 11th of May...10 weeks ago. I so need this fill..

On the weight loss , I have gained a couple of Kgs since my mini vacation , I didn't think I had eaten all that much while away but what I did eat was not always the best  choices, also we did "cocktail" most maybe its the liquid calories that have done it.

The family went back to the UK on Friday morning to escape the summer heat and I only have 3 weeks until I return for 10 days - with them away and the hopefully the fill on Tuesday - I need a good couple of weeks to get me back into the swing of loosing.. I have also lost my interest in exercise as was the first time back for a week ....I feel like I have lost my Mojo at the moment :-(


  1. Good luck on Tuesday Andrew! I know you need that fill!
    I think you're in that weird place where you get full and feel restriction, but the food doesn't stay with you (I was there for a long time). It means you are close to the sweet spot.

  2. Good luck for Tuesday, Andrew.
    Hopefully you'll be back on track as soon as you've recovered.

  3. I will be thinking aboutyou on Tues.! You'll get back on track with this. Be careful with the fill though, if you have restriction and get stuck easily, will your doc still give you one?

  4. Oh Andrew,
    Bummer about the port turning. I hadn't realised this had happened. I will be thinking about you on Tuesday.
    Maybe once you get that port sorted and another fill you will get your mojo back. It's all about being in the right head space. I just know you will get back there again.
    Cara x

  5. Just a blip - sometimes they happen (mine lasted the best part of 6 months!) but the ol' band is always standing by waiting for you to pay attention to it again, and you will, once you recover from Tuesday's op. Good luck with it.

  6. Dont worry i felt like i lost my mojo... the scales hadnt moved for 2 weeks.... i think this morning i possibly could have lost 300grams but thats me swinging myself on the scales ahahahah.

    Dont worry to much, after the surgery i reckon you will feel super!
    I have had 1 fill since my surgery and my hunger is back and i think i eat big meals so i cant wait for my next fill!


  7. Congrats on the port fixing date.

    I am sure once you get your fill you will fill so much better and get your mojo back too.