Sunday, 7 March 2010

Another week nearly over...

Firstly l would like to thanks BG and Sandy for nominating me for the sunshine awards , I will forward the awards onwards with my nominations in the coming couple of days when I get the chance.

I am nearing the end of week 4 since banding , and I am not happy to say that I am able to eat a whole  lot again , the restriction, what ever I had has gone. I have had a few tempting but enjoyable evenings out where I have ended up eating more than I really wanted to, however on the plus side , the food choices have not been to bad and the volume was still not as much as it might have been I suppose.... and because of these distractions the weight is going up and down daily , yesterday morning I was at a  new low of 11 Kg loss , and today its back up to 8 Kg......I think the polite wording is WTF ! ........Lets get that fill and get back to losing....

I have attached a photo of a golf day I attended over the weekend , it was for a charity that I am involved in  that is related to the construction industry , the day out was fantastic as the game was played on a brand new Gary Player  course that lies on the arabian gulf against a back drop of powder white sand and bright blue seas...really quite special......(wonder if the golf will improve with weight loss).....

So onwards and  upwards  down wards ..... Tuesday is weigh day and fill day....Lets get losing..


  1. I'm sure that fill will help with weight loss. Good luck.

  2. Hi Andrew - Good luck with your fill!

  3. Yep - I'm feeling your pain. I get my first fill this week and I'm looking forward to some restriction :-)

    Good luck!

  4. Hang in there....the fill is on the way!

  5. I am sure once you start getting fills you will get the restriction and the weight loss will continue. I am interested to hear what charity group you are involved with? I am not a golfer, but that course sounds lovely!
    Coffee soon?

  6. I feel the same way. All of a sudden over the last week I can eat almost anything including bread but I have cut the portions. Scale too is at a standstill. My first fill is Tuesday so hope we can both get some restriction and progress downward. I'm envious of your great weather and scenery. Still snow here!