Thursday, 18 March 2010


Thursday Night and the weekend is here in sandy Abu Dhabi...and tonight I am absolutely knackered...yesterday was Paddy's we all know judging by the wave of green blogs yesterday   ;-) it was also the monthly meet of the Abu Dhabi lighthouse club (the construction industry charity I'm involved in )...this meet is a very social thing.......and ended up with to many hours of merriment , and the drinking of way to many Kilkennys ( Paddy's day)...and today when I jumped on the scales..with a delicate head....Arrgghhh......hopefully all liquid which will shift over the coming 5 days , I do not want a gain this week.....

The fine restriction I had straight after the fill has gone already and I can now eat anything and in quite large amounts..without thinking about it and without to much chewing.......I think I  need fill number 2 .

On a different note...I met up with Roo from A Brand New Roo for lunch in Dubai on Wednesday, we had a good chat about being banded and band issues...It was great finally meeting up with her...

Must go I've got the latest episode of Lost to watch on DVD.....

Ciao for now......


  1. Ohhhhhhh Andrew. One of these days you will report that you are at your sweet spot and we'll have to have a big celebration. In the meantime, keep at it. Your weight loss is good.

  2. Hang in there - it's really hard when you have so many functions to go to! You are doing great - just remind yourself what you would have drunk and eaten at them before you are banded!

    Love the new picky :-)

  3. But you had to celebrate St. Paddy! Hope you get your sweet spot soon. On your way down though-11kg ain't so bad.

  4. I'm in the same spot with the restriction - you had yours done the day before me. I thought at first it was great but now I can eat too much.

  5. Social/work functions are hard. Time for a fill! Love the new pic!