Sunday, 14 March 2010

Coffee...My Saviour...

Well it has been an interesting week since the fill.....My feelings of being full come and go... and as I have read so many times on these bloggs, the band is very unpredictable indeed.......Now here is the thing, I have been studying my feelings of satisfaction, and FOOD is not the thing that is filling me up.... NO really it's not........Coffee is my current saviour.......I am eating breakfast , lunch and dinner and I get a mild feeling of being full , BUT once I wash it down with a large coffee ( no milk of course ) I become really I know this goes against one of the 10 rules of liquid for at least half an hour.....but it is working for me.....I'm down about 2 KG this week ( not official until Tuesday)...

So does any one else feel this way ????


  1. That's weird, but these bands are too. I go through periods when my morning coffee fills me up until lunch and sometimes I have to eat breakfast at 7AM. Who knows? I'm glad you're feeling some restriction though.

  2. Sometimes its best not to question things Andrew! 10 more days!!!

  3. Isn't it funny how the band works just a little differently for everyone? I think it's great if that's what works for you :-)

    I do the opposite. I have a coffee just before breakfast and it helps keep me full until lunch. Gotta love a cuppa :-)

  4. I guess whatever works is good-and your weightloss is great. I wouldn't change a thing until I had to. I'm having a problem drinking after eating right now and end up waiting an hour or two before I can drink. Although I did have some wine with dinner.

    Glad the fill is working for you right now and hope it continues.

  5. I don't have a band, but coffee fills me up too. Congrats on your weight loss.