Monday, 22 March 2010

Choices, Choices, Choices....

Weigh Day....Week six...and a slight gain this week 0.5 Kg....and I was totally expecting it, in fact I think the gain is pretty good following the week I've had.....

The week started on Wednesday with paddies day...enough said about that evening,  Friday we were out with friends that we had not seen since Christmas , Indian food and beer...Ummm nice

Sunday I was rail roaded into watching the EPL football at my golf club, which turned into a rather late session...

Now,  I can say  categorically that the band is working fine , I'm certainly not at the sweet spot but it is working, I have limited restriction and it is enough to stop any bingeing and on each of the above days I did not eat anywhere near as much as I normally would have, on Friday I had a soup starter (at an Indian restaurant!!) and a starter portion of tandoori lamb chops for my main course , no dessert....this was really really good of me.....except.... for the few beers and the wine, oh and don't forget the cocktails we all drank at the start of the night..a good night (week) was had by all...but I have paid for it today on the scales.....

Sooo...This week, I still have 2.5 Kg to lose to reach my mini goal, and this means....NO Booze for Big is full of evil empty calories which slip through my nice new and shiny band..

I have the answers , I know what to do , I now have the prefect tool to help me....BUT....I must make the right choices, at least 90% of the time.

Keep smiling , I'm down 11kg in 6 week, but it should have been 12.5Kg ... This week will be better ;-)



  1. I swear we are on exactly the same journey! The band IS working for me as well, but no, no sweet spot. I know I can eat too much.

  2. I don't think that you've done so bad.

    I can't comprehend having a week like that and only gaining a pound! I'd have packed on at least a couple of kg's.

    You had a busy week this week but next week will be better!

  3. You'll get there. And when you listed what you ate at the Indian Restaurant I was stunned. You did so good. But you had to celebrate paddies day and we can't be perfect all the time.

    Funny-my confirm word was: reasess

  4. Sounds like you know what to do to get that weight off. 90% rule is good one to follow. Good luck.

  5. That is an awesome result despite the gain. I so hear you on the alcohol front....(hanging my head in shame!!!)