Sunday, 21 March 2010

I'm being called a loser....and I like it.

Not a good week for weight loss I'm sure, never mind move on.....I have however, been told on 3 separate occasions over the weekend how much weight I have lost , from people who I have not seen for a couple of months :-)

People who see me every day are not noticing (yet) but the others are ....I'm happy....


  1. Aww...isn't that a gret feeling?

    I cannot wait Andrew...we are leaving tomorrow for Mexico and Wed. is my surgery!! Wish me luck!

  2. Such a great feeling when it starts to get noticeable :-)


  3. I'm having surgery on Wednesday also. I can't wait for people to look at me and try to figure out what's different!

  4. Jaquie

    we wish you a safe and peaceful transition to the other side...God bless

  5. It is so awesome when people notice you've lost weight. Congrats.

  6. How funny that people who see us everyday do not notice (like mybest friends) but others who see us occasionly do. I suppose I know why but that does not make it better