Saturday, 3 April 2010

Mini Goal 1 - Achieved and Happy Easter.

Very Very Quick Post...Weighed in today and the scales show that I have reached my first mini goal of 2 stone in 2 months...2 days early as well......All the 2's today.....I will not show this on my stats until Tuesday morning weigh day.

I'm of to the Gym now, early Easter morning with a smile, leaving the Kids eating their eggs ( at 7am Yuk) and then its off to work... we do not officially celebrate here :-(

Happy Easter every one......


  1. Congratulations....great timing just in time for Easter...
    Happy Easter!

  2. Hey that is awesome...congrats

  3. Gotta love reaching a goal!!

    Congratulations :-)

  4. Congratulations and Happy Easter! Nice work on getting back into the gym, and I love the red football boot. :)

  5. I am an American, and therefore, I dont know what a stone equals in pounds...but I will say BRAVO on reaching your mini goal! I love when that happens!!!!