Monday, 5 April 2010

This is not a diet..Live your life and take your time...

Today I have been out all afternoon playing golf with one of my Sub Contractors...Work related of course ;-)...Thanks Naboodah (John)...

We teed off at 2pm and I was so tight on time that I missed my lunch , not that I was really that hungry ...The weather today has been a little warm around 35C and quite humid , and I really did "glow"...a lot... whilst playing...We played in Dubai and I live in Abu Dhabi so I declined the after game drinks and dinner and headed straight home, this is about an hours drive... I zipped through the front door and up the stairs , stripped off and ...and ...I should have showered first , but the scales were all that was on my I weighed my self and WOW what a great sight......A new low....BUT NOW comes the craziness....I had a real dilemma..should I eat my dinner ( fantastic pork chops) or ...not eat or drink anything until the morning as I know the minimum I will weigh in the morning is  0.5 to 0.7 KG lighter still....

I have been fighting myself for an hour with this decision , and have finally given in and ate the chops and drank a load of sugar free squash...I was clearly dehydrated....

What a complete Nutter I must be to even consider not eating or drinking because I wanted to see new numbers on the scale... I'm getting a little pre occupied on getting those numbers lower and lower and this is not good...I need to take this journey slowly...It's not a race...The loss is coming any way and I do not need to force it....

Lessons to be learnt here I think....

On a different note , I have attached a photo of the first tee with the ever expanding Dubai sky line in the back ground (note the cranes as none of the buildings are complete yet)..and 2 photos of guests that were visiting at one of the sites I visited this morning...


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  2. Too funny. You're turning into a crazy woman!! We do this all the time. Gotta back up and remember your other comment that the loss is coming any way and you do not need to force it.

    Glad you got some hot weather but I expect it must get even hotter there--I'd die of the heat. I like about 30 degrees and wish it was year round.

    Hope you still see a little loss tomorrow.

  3. I've had the same thoughts before. So funny (and crazy!). You are right - and cheers for acknowledging it and moving on. Of course we need to eat dinner.

    Congrats on the new low Andrew!

  4. You're right...the WL will come in its own time. And seriously...camels are wild animals there in the city?!!

  5. BG

    Seriously...The Camels are not wild...they belong to people ..but they do roam free in certain areas :-)

  6. Good on you for eating dinner - (don't worry we've all been there!)

    Love the photo's - you are having such an amazing experience over there!

  7. Good point, I've considered the same thing before.

  8. I'm glad you ate dinner. It's so easy to get in a weird head place with the scale. It's our job to keep each other sane through this.
    Nice pictures!

  9. You all are soooo smart!

    I'm glad you chose to eat also, Andrew. The slower the weight comes off the better we will feel and look.

    I was just reminded of that again!