Monday, 26 April 2010

Week 11...A small loss...

Well official weigh day is here again, and as of this morning , I am 15.8 Kg down (Just) - in fact at 5.30am this morning when I got up, the scale showed no loss for the week...I was however not having that ...No way...So I decided to hit the streets before light and see what a power walk for 45 mins would do , I had  my ipod banging out my tunes to build up a good head of steam ,then back into the villa , straight up the stair and re-weighed myself and BINGO... 0.8 Kgs sweated away just like that...I will take it :-)

The loss is 0.8Kg from last weigh day but only 0.3Kg from last wednesday , which is a little disappointing since I  once again hit the Gym 4 times last week...I know I can hold a lot of water and the weight can swing a good 2 to 3 Kgs sometimes in the same day..I also know I should not weigh myself every day, but I still do, morning and night...My own worst enemy..

At 15.8 Kg I will convert that to 35 lbs and 2.5 stone...A little short of what I had hoping for at this stage , but OK I suppose.. I have 2 new targets...The first short term target is to reach 17.5 kg to break below the 160's by my 3rd month bandiversary (1.7 Kgs in the next 12 days..possible but a little tricky) and a more long term target of below 150 (a further 12kgs) by mid August when I return to the UK for vacation.

Not much else to report , I hope to catch up with Roo in Dubai in the next few days and grab a coffee, and I have an old friend I met whilst working in China in the early 90's visiting me on Saturday night , I have not seen him since 2006 and it will be great to catch up...Headache on Sunday me thinks....



  1. Any loss is a good loss! The scale will catch up with you! I am a daily weigher too and I know its not good. My scale was up 2.5 lbs from yesterday! WTF?

  2. Dude, Just caught up on your posts. You are living the life, my friend. I used to live in South Florida, the Miami area. Great fishing and golf and even better weather. The pic of you on the boat gave me a flashback. Now, in Pennsylvania, the fishing is horrible, though the golf is pretty good. Regarding the weather, with such cold winters, I have a better appreciation for the summer, I'll admit that.

    It seems that you made great progress and I know we'll be trading success stories soon. Thanks for following,


  3. You are doing great - and a loss is a loss. Hang in there - the scale will catch up with all this gym-going.