Monday, 12 April 2010

Week 9 - Weigh Day

Today I weigh 14 Kilos (31 Ibs) lighter than Surgery day - 9 weeks ago.

0.9 Kg loss for the week , and 2 Kgs for the month so far... I suppose thats a nice healthy 1 kg ( 2.2lbs ) a week....

I'm not eating much at the moments , but what I am eating is not  good enough , I need to start to think a little more of the quality of the food not just the quantity....But.... the scales are moving downwards at the moment...A big smile from me....

Have a good day



  1. That is great news! Downwards regardless is good.
    Did you receive the email regarding support group meeting on 19th April at 7.45pm? I really hope so...after me going off at them last time! Are you up for lunch soon?

  2. Well done! 1kg per week average is great!

  3. Here's a big smile from me back at ya :). So happy you are moving the right direction. It sounds like you are really working with your band!!!

  4.! You people can drop weight like nobody's business!! lol!

    Fantastic job! Glad to hear you're doing so well!