Sunday, 11 April 2010

The weekends events and fill number 2....

The weekend is over and I'm pretty glad to get back to work....I'm so tired, but it has been a really great weekend..

Thursday is the last day of the week here, and Thursday morning started with a session in the gym and in the afternoon I also managed to squeeze a game of golf in, it was very hot out again , it was a good day considering it was a work day :- )

The following morning I went fishing with some friends on one of their boats just off the coast of Abu Dhabi, we had a really fun time catching big barracuda , this was however a very early start , being on the boat at 6 am ( on my day off - no lie in).... It's the first time I've been fishing in the UAE and really enjoyed the experience , this was followed by a nice lunch with friends and the family outside one of the hotels in the city with a beer garden.

Life on the Ocean waves..with a smile :-)

The One that didn't get away.

Now on Saturday , I was up early again this time for a golf lesson (boy do I need them) and in the evening, I was invited and went to UFC 112 ... UFC is the Ultimate Fighting Championship , this is mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting , commonly known as anything goes "CAGE FIGHTING" and  was  broadcast all around the world live, for the first time at an out doors arena at the new Ferrari World on Yas Island Abu Dhabi right next to the F1 track..... The fighting finally finished at 12 midnight and the event was not really well organized at all, it took me a further 1.5 hours to catch a taxi home , I  hit the sack around 2 am only to be up at 7 am today for work....Looking and feeling like a zombie..... A very busy weekend with not enough sleep.

Inside Ferrari World Arena.

Now the good news and the bad news ... when I went to the fight , I was weighing a new low with a 14.8 Kg loss (WOW) , however this morning, after once again drinking beer , I was 2.5 Kgs up... Blah....message to self - DON'T DRINK BEER

It is now 4 days since the second fill , and I'm not sure if I like it.... I have very nearly been stuck twice, bread has not been chewed enough and only just went down , I think I can understand what being fully stuck must be like , and after the close shaves in the last few days  I have been chewing like mad...I do not want to be stuck - ever ...

 The down side of this fill is that at the moment I keep feel a little sick, no matter what I eat , I do not feel comfortable.....I'm not sure why this is? I'm hoping if I have a more relaxed week the band will settle down and we can become friends again, I'm certainly a little tight at the moment and I'm only eating very little. I was happy with the band before the fill, restriction when it came was comfortable and did not make me feel bad...I will have to keep a close eye on this as it does not quite feel right at the moment...Should keep losing this week though , so thats Ok ....


Andrew ( Sandy its always Andrew and never Andy)


  1. Well Andrew-what a great weekend you had. I think I might try me some beer-my drink of choice. I got the impression it wasn't good for me so have held off and stuck to wine.

    Still love the name Andrew. It was a good thing I had a boy the second time around or I would have kept trying just so I could use the name.

    Have a great week.

  2. hmmm - it is hard to be friends with your band sometimes!!

    Only advice I can give is eat SLOWLY and chew, chew, chew :-)

  3. Hello Andrew,
    Sandy Lee directed me to you to hopefully get your help regarding a problem with people having to tab through to get to my verification word in order to leave a comment. She said you had had a similar problem and had been given a fix. If you would kindly send it to me at I would be very, very grateful. Thank you,
    Elliana from

  4. I watched the fights here in the states. The belt fights were kind of boring. I am a HUGE BJ Penn fan, and I was really disappointed. I like Kendall Grove also, so it was a crappy fight night. The venue looked so cool, though. I can't believe you live there. It looks amazing.

  5. I'm sure that your gain is just water weight. Really hope that the nausea passes, I had about 10 days of it after my op and it was horrid.
    Your weight loss is fantastic, well done.

  6. Ellina

    have tried to email you but the mail has bounced back....

  7. Andrew-someone is having problems with their comments and I remember you having some as well. Could you leave her any help. It's Elianna at .

    Thanks so much. I couldn't remember the fix or who helped you out.